Sleeping Beauty's castle in the Rain

Disneyland in the Rain: Tips and Advice

It is time for your family vacation, and you have decided to pay a visit to the magical place of Disneyland. That is great! Given the circumstances, you couldn’t have made a better decision as it is a place where both kids and adults get to have a lot of fun.

Being set in Anaheim, California, the weather here is good for most of the year. In fact, it goes along with the welcoming, warm atmosphere as the chances are that you will have a much bigger issue staying away from the sun than calling for it.

However, if you find that the weather will not be sunny going into your Disneyland trip, then you will need to prepare.

The rain shouldn’t be a cause for drama as most attractions in Disneyland are still going to be up and running. The same goes for parades and other sources of entertainment. Still, in order to escape getting soggy and wet, you will want to prepare properly.

For this purpose, we have come up with several tips, as well as essentials that you will want to bring to have a great time out there in Anaheim.

Essential Tips to Follow for When It Rains in Disneyland

It would be best if you didn’t allow anything to ruin the time that you are planning to spend in the happiest place of the earth, not even rainy weather.

  1. Make Sure You Bring Adequate Gear

This is the most important part of preparing for your Disneyland trip. While you can buy most of the essentials at Disneyland, coming prepared will save you both time and money.

First and foremost, you will want to have a water-resistant poncho as well as a hat that is sure to protect you from the heavy rain that might come. Additionally, we suggest you invest in adequate boots that will prevent you from slipping and falling on the damp ground.

Keep in mind that you will want to ensure all your electronics are safe and in place. This means that your camera and phone should stay dry, whether it is kept in a plastic container and zipped in your backpack, or wrapped in a towel.

Even if you forget to bring something, there are a lot of rain essentials that you can get at the Grizzly River Run store. Also, there are pretty cool walk-in dryers for once the rain has stopped.

  1. Information About the Available Attractions

One of the biggest worries is whether Disneyland will be running as smoothly as it does when it is sunny. Well, this does depend on how heavy the rain is as well as what the staff decides.

However, the chances are that most parades will still be going on, although modified. If you are looking for additional fun, then we suggest catching the World of Color during this kind of weather. Just be sure that fireworks are probably going to be off, but this doesn’t mean that you should cancel your visit to Disneyland altogether.

  1. Rent a Locker

This is one of the smartest decisions that you can make if you are going on a rainy day. Not only because of security reasons but also because you will be able to keep your clothes and other valuables dry and in good condition.

You can put a number of essentials in a standard locker, including an umbrella as well as a larger backpack.

  1. Enjoy Your Time Souvenir Shopping

One of the best ways to spend your time during heavy rain is by looking for the souvenirs and merchandise that you will want to take home with you.

Here we are not only talking about rain jackets and umbrellas, but also ponchos and hats.

  1. Enjoy Some Tasty Food

Another piece of advice is that you can stay dry by enjoying the unique dishes that are prepared at the popular Disneyland dining locations. For this purpose, we suggest Bengal Barbecue or Pizza Port if you are looking to get a quick service.

On the other hand, if you find yourself at the Disney California Adventure, then it is the Smokejumper’s Grill as well as Flo’s V8. These two stand as the best restaurants, both for the fast service and versatile dishes (including vegetarian/vegan-friendly options).

  1. Don’t Worry!

Last but not least, stay calm and relaxed. Yes, it might be better if you got to enjoy all the magic on a sunny day, but it shouldn’t bring you down. A splash or two can be quite fun, to be honest!

Rides to Enjoy When Visiting Disneyland in the Rain

It is a fact that during a rainy day, your best bets are attractions and rides that are set indoors. However, there are a number of happenings that are outdoor and highlighted by all the safety features that ensure rain can’t disrupt the smooth-riding process.

Thus, our personal favorite is the Indiana Jones Adventure, as well as Star Tours the Adventures Continue, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Because the rain is sure to get you at least a bit wet, Splash Mountain is a place where you will have a lot of fun.

Don’t forget to visit Mickey’s and Minnie’s House. Also, the Haunted Mansion seems like the perfect place to spend time in while you are hiding away from the rain.

When it comes to attractions set at California Adventure, we would suggest Monsters Inc. as well as Soarin’ Around the World. Much like Splash Mountain, it is the Grizzly River Run that seems like the most entertaining attraction when it is raining.

Final Thoughts

If the weather forecast suggests that it will be raining during your visit to Disneyland, there is nothing to be stressed about. In fact, you will probably get to experience and see something that you usually would have missed on a sunny day. Thus, it all comes down to taking the necessary gear and a positive mood with you!

We hope this Disneyland in the Rain: Tips and Advice guide has helped you make your trip memorable.