Hollywood Studios Tips and Tricks

Hollywood Studios Tips and Tricks


There are certain attractions at Hollywood Studios that just never seem to have a decent standby line wait time, meaning, it’s usually 70-90+ minutes on any given day. You’ll for sure want to make Fastpass+ reservations for these attractions:

  • Rock n’ Roller Coaster
  • Tower of Terror
  • Toy Story Midway Mania

On Rock n’ Roller Coaster when you enter the screen recording room you’ll see a door over on the left side. The closer you are to it the faster you’ll get on the ride as that’s where everyone exits to line up for the coaster.

Parents: Child Swap is a real thing and it’s amazing. When you visit the parks and one of your little ones can’t go on a ride that has a height limit, you can do what’s called child swap (or parent swap). One parent goes in and rides the ride (whether through the Fastpass line or standby) and when they come out the other parent +2 can go through the Fastpass line to ride. Nice! You need to be sure to show up at the ride and ask the Cast Member who’s standing at the entrance of the ride for a child swap pass. If you don’t do this they won’t give you one later.

Hollywood Studios has quite a few shows to see and many of them offer Fastpass+ reservations. We would suggest not using a Fastpass+ reservation on a show like Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular or Fantasmic!. Standby for these are almost always guaranteed assuming you show up on time.

The Jedi Training Academy is SUPER popular right now with Star Wars everywhere in the parks. To watch the show you’ll just head over to Star Tours and you’ll see the stage to the left side on the entrance. To sign your kids up for Jedi Training Academy head over to the Indiana Jones Outpost Store on the left side of the Indiana Jones Stunt Show entrance. You’ll see a sign for sign-ups and times that are available. Get there early!

On Muppet Vision 3D, after the doors open to the theater, hold back and let everyone else in. The Cast Members always ask that you go all the way down to the end of your row and of course stopping in the middle would be “unpatriotic.” If you let everyone else go in and scoot all the way to end, when you go in you’ll have a great pick of seats near no one, including middle seats. Best seats in the house!

The One Man’s Dream exhibit is really cool but sounds boring to most people. If you’re not really interested in the history of Walt Disney and his parks you can skip through and head directly to the theater at the end. It’s here that you can see sneak peeks of the new Disney movies coming out including Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar films.

Food and Dining

The best place to eat in Hollywood Studios in the Hollywood Brown Derby.

The funnest place to eat in Hollywood Studios is the 50’s Primetime Cafe.

The most casual place to eat is the ABC Commissary.

We’re not big fans of the Sci-Fi Dine in Theater. It’s quick service food at sit-down prices. They replay the same cartoons on a loop and you may end up sharing a car with other people you don’t know. Even if you end up in the same car you won’t face each other..

We suggest this on every page when it comes to eating because it’s THE best thing we can tell you to help you save money throughout the day. DO NOT buy water! $3.29 for a Dasani….geez! You can get free cups of water from ANY quick service restaurant. Just walk up and ask for a cup of water…or 2 or 3! They’ll happily give them to you at no charge! We just saved you $10 a day. You’re welcome.

Single Rider Attractions

  • Rock n’ Roller Coaster


If you ever get motion sickness from rides but didn’t bring anything to help you with it, don’t buy the stuff in the shops! You can get it for free if you go to the first aid station in the park. You can also get headache/pain medicine here as well for free. If you need to lay down they will provide a bed for you as well.