If you’re looking for discount Disneyland® Resort tickets you’ve come to the right place! We offer a variety of tickets to many of your favorite theme parks including the Disneyland® Resort, Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Studios® Theme Parks, SeaWorld® and more! All with savings over gate pricing!

It’s Going To Be One Magical Year!

Disneyland® Resort

Pixar Fest

Beginning April 13, 2018, Pixar Fest will celebrate these unbreakable bonds at both Disneyland® Park and Disney California Adventure® Park with a one-of-a-kind celebration featuring the debut of an all-new nighttime spectacular and the return of 2 fan-favorite parades—in addition to new Pixar experiences, Characters, décor, atmospheric entertainment, limited-edition merchandise, and themed food & beverage options.

Walt Disney World® Resort


Your Toy Story pals can’t wait to have you join them. So come on, step into Toy Story Land where kids and grown-ups alike can experience all-new adventures you’ll only find at Disney’s Hollywood Studios® at Walt Disney World® Resort beginning summer 2018. In the so-much-larger-than-life setting of Andy’s backyard, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and the rest of the Toy Story gang invite you to take part in the adventure together.

The new Slinky Dog Dash whooshes throughout the land. Join Slinky Dog for an exhilarating ride that twists around curves, hills, bridges and drops. It’s a wild journey the whole family can enjoy together. And on Alien Swirling Saucers, the aliens have powered up their flying saucers to take you on a spin through space. Climb into a toy rocket and hang on as aliens lead the way on an interstellar romp set to an out-of-this-world beat. If you’re really lucky, you just might get “chosen” by the claw.

Then head inside to Andy’s room to take aim and ride on the fan-favorite Toy Story Mania!®. Your Toy Story pals are here to help you blast your way through a 4D arcade. Fire at targets with everything from baseballs to cream pies—and go for the high score.

Affordable Tickets to Your Favorite Parks



When you’re planning your family’s big vacation, we know that you’re getting hit by big expenses from every direction. That’s why Park Savers is intent on finding you the best deals on admission to the theme parks you and your family are dying to visit! We are experts on how to get discount Disneyland® Resort tickets, as well as affordable options for several other popular attractions in southern California. And the savings don’t stop there! In addition to our Disneyland® Resort packages and other southern California offerings, we can provide admission to Walt Disney World® Resort in Orlando, as well as Universal Studios and SeaWorld in both California and Florida.

If you prefer to visit places beyond California and Florida, we also have access to excellent deals for booking passage on a Disney Cruise. When you purchase a discount Disney theme park ticket, Orlando can be just the first of many stops on your family’s adventure. Combine the magic of Disney with the excitement of waking up in a different place every morning, with hundreds of new experiences awaiting you and your family, and without having to pack!

Whether you’re looking for discount Disney theme park tickets, cheap admission to Universal Studios, a family pass to SeaWorld, or a deal on a Disney Cruise, we at Park Savers can help you find it! Take a look below at some of the parks and attractions we can get you into without breaking your budget!

**REMINDER** The Walt Disney Company has park resorts in both California and Florida, and we would not want any of our customers to accidentally buy tickets to the wrong park. Customers wanting to buy tickets for the park in Orlando, Florida should look at our Walt Disney World® Resort tickets while those vacationing in Southern California should browse our Disneyland® Resort packages.

Southern California



Southern California is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. The warm beaches, gorgeous weather, and access to excellent hotels and fine dining make it a favorite vacation spot for families and single jet setters alike. Los Angeles is home to three major airports, including John Wayne/SNA, Long Beach/LGB, and of course Los Angeles/LAX. Or, if you’re planning to spend most of your time in San Diego, at SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park, you may want to fly into the San Diego International Airport/SAN.

Whether you’re in San Diego or Los Angeles, one of the easiest ways to get around is via LYFT or UBER, two affordable ride-sharing businesses. Both systems accept credit cards and Apple Pay. If it’s your first time using either service, we can provide you with promotion codes to help save you even more money!

Disneyland® Resort Tickets

For years, since its original construction, Disneyland® Resort has been known as “the happiest place on Earth.” Walt Disney originally planned to build the park adjacent to his Burbank studios before realizing that it would quickly run out of room long before completion. Instead, he moved construction near Anaheim. Disney dreamed of of creating a place where people of all ages could come and feel both joy and inspiration.

Of course, bringing a family to visit the park can become rather expensive, particularly when you factor in food, housing, travel costs, and other incidental expenses. To make the vacation work within a budget, it helps to know how to get discount Disneyland® Resort tickets. That’s where Park Savers comes in. If you reach out to us while you plan your trip, we’ll work with you to find a Disneyland® Resort package that’s great for you and your family.

Park Savers can provide you with more than just Disney theme park tickets. Our Disneyland® Resort packages include almost everything you’ll need to enjoy a Disney vacation with your family. Park admission, hotel accommodations, a broad array of discounts at dining and shopping venues, and even some collectibles to help you remember your vacation—it’s all a part of the package!

Types of Discount Disneyland® Tickets

There are several types of discount Disneyland® Resort tickets available to purchase depending on your circumstances. Some require a certain ID including military or groups such as youth or a family reunion. Whatever your circumstances there are discount Disneyland® Resort tickets out there for you.

2018 Discount Disneyland® Resort Tickets For Anyone: Park Savers specializes in offering discount Disneyland® Resort tickets to the general public, nothing special required. Here are the current (2/27/18) ticket prices for 2018:

Buy a 2-Day Park Hopper® Ticket for $255 adult/$243 per child (ages 3-9).

Buy a 3-Day Park Hopper® Ticket Adults Pay Kids Prices for $310 adult/$310 per child (ages 3-9).

Buy a 4-Day Park Hopper® Ticket Adults Pay Kids Prices for $333 adult/$333 per child (ages 3-9).

Buy a 5-Day Park Hopper® Ticket Adults Pay Kids Prices for $350 adult/$335 per child (ages 3-9).

Buy a 2 Day 1 Park Per Day Ticket for $205 adult/$193 per child (ages 3-9).

Buy a 3 Day 1 Park Per Day Ticket for $270 adult/$254 per child (ages 3-9).

Buy a 4 Day 1 Park Per Day Ticket for $290 adult/$272 per child (ages 3-9).

Buy a 5 Day 1 Park Per Day Ticket for $305 adult/$286 per child (ages 3-9).

2018 Discount Disneyland® Resort Military Tickets: Current active and retired military members can purchase discount Disneyland® Resort tickets through any base military base. It’s best to check with your base first but if that doesn’t work you can try the next closest base. It doesn’t have to be the branch you serve in either.

You can purchase a 3-Day Park Hopper® Ticket for $168 or a 4-Day Park Hopper® for $188. Plus, military members can purchase the new Disney PhotoPass Collection product for a discounted price—$49 plus tax from January 1, 2018 – December 16, 2018.

Canadian Ticket Vendors

Canadian Residents can purchase tickets through Flight Centre locations. Sometimes residents can find discounts, sometimes not. You’ll want to call your nearest Flight Centre to find out if they sell discount Disneyland® Resort tickets or not and how they can be received. Sometimes a transaction fee or shipping fee can wipe out a good chunk of your discount! Also, they may add taxes to the tickets whereas Park Savers does not charge taxes. That’s a huge savings!

Corporate Discounts

For years Disney had contracts with big companies across the USA to offer ticket discounts including eTickets and Annual Passes. About a year ago they dropped them all. Nobody is sure why but we haven’t seen or heard of any comebacks to date. Companies that work directly with Disney still have ticket discounts. These companies include Chase and CHOC, Pixar, Marvel, Apple and even ADT. If you work for one of these companies check with your HR dept.

College Student Discounts

College students deserve a good discount when it comes to Disneyland® Resort tickets. All that hard work should be rewarded! Some universities offer discount Disneyland® Resort tickets for college students and faculty. Some of these discounts were part of the corporate program. Check with your alumni association for any discounts that may be available. Make sure you compare Park Savers prices with any offered elsewhere. Sometimes after fees or shipping they can be the same or more expensive.

Online Travel Agencies

Websites such as Expedia, Orbitz, and Priceline will list Disneyland® Resort tickets on their website at full price. They do this for convenience only. They hope while you’re booking a hotel you’ll just add tickets in because they are there. This is NOT a great way to save money on your tickets! A bundle on websites like these does not save you money in the end. Park Savers has always had the best prices on discount Disneyland tickets when you’re booking them alone or with a hotel.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is an incredibly popular theme park attached to one of the oldest film studios that is still in use today. Originally opened in 1915, Universal Studios offered tours from the very building, charging just $0.05 for admission. At the time, that admission also included a chicken lunch. Since that time, the tours have been cancelled and then reopened, and the theme park was added on. These days, admission prices are significantly higher than a nickel, which is where Park Savers can help.

As admission to the Universal Studios theme park has become more expensive, particularly when buying tickets for several people, it’s easy to burn through your entire vacation budget without even thinking about it. Park Savers can help you to find discounts on park admission and the studio tour, so you can experience all of the movie magic. Since the addition of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, an entire section of the park themed around the Harry Potter franchise, tickets are in even higher demand.

SeaWorld San Diego

San Diego is famous for its wild animal parks and zoos, making SeaWorld fit right in. SeaWorld San Diego is the first of a long chain of SeaWorld parks, first opening its gates in 1964. The first orca the park acquired the following year, Shamu, has become indelibly linked with the park’s identity and is now a familiar representative of the park’s orca presentations.

But SeaWorld San Diego isn’t limited to orcas. The park is a popular destination for families and individuals to come and learn firsthand about a wide array of aquatic life, from orcas and dolphins to sea lions, otters, penguins, and polar bears. For families with younger children, Sesame Street’s Bay of Play provides an interactive play area with rides and attractions based around familiar characters from the long-running children’s television series, Sesame Street.

Beyond the featured animal exhibits, SeaWorld San Diego boasts a wide offering of rides, aquariums, and dining options, as well as an associated water park called Aquatica, just a few miles down the road. In order to help your whole family experience all SeaWorld San Diego has to offer, Park Savers can help you find significantly discounted admission options.

LEGOLAND California

What child, when playing with their dozens (and dozens and dozens) of sets of Lego construction blocks, hasn’t dreamed of a place where everything is made out of the versatile pieces of plastic? The Lego Group, the Denmark-based company responsible for the globally popular building blocks, built a park in Carlsbad, California to fulfill that dream. While the park isn’t actually made entirely of Legos, it is still a great destination for families with children of all ages, and that includes Mom and Dad!

Since its original construction in 1999, the park has grown to include a Lego-themed Sea Life Aquarium, as well as a water park based on Lego’s Legends of Chima TV series and video games. The park has also included a resort hotel since 2013. In order to help your family afford your Legoland vacation, Park Savers offers a variety of single-day and multi-day packages. You can buy individual tickets or family packs at a significant discount from the gate prices, whether you intend to hop between the various parks at the resort or spend all your time in one place.


For those planning a vacation on the opposite side of the country, Orlando, Florida offers its own enormous selection of attractions, shopping, dining, and more. Disney, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld all have Florida counterparts to their California resorts, and visitors are just over an hour’s drive from several excellent beaches on both Florida’s East and Gulf Coasts. Visitors with their gaze set to the skies and beyond may also enjoy a visit to the nearby Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. Orlando is served by two international airports: Orlando International Airport/MCO and Orlando Sanford International Airport. Of the two, Orlando International Airport is closer to both downtown Orlando and the major theme parks in the area.

To make sure that your group is able to experience as much of what Orlando has to offer as possible, Park Savers is here to save you money! We can offer you deals on restaurants, hotels, or even help you find a discount Disney ticket. Orlando is filled with amazing experiences and things to see, and we want to make sure that you don’t miss any of it!

Walt Disney World® Resort

While Disneyland® Park was the original Disney theme park, the Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida was built to cater to visitors east of the Mississippi (thought it welcomes visitors from around the globe). Walt Disney World® Resort is the larger of the two parks by a significant margin, boasting four main theme parks (The Magic Kingdom®; EPCOT®; Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park; and Disney’s Hollywood Studios®, formerly MGM studios), as well as two water parks (Typhoon Lagoon® and Blizzard Beach®), four golf courses, shopping at Disney Springs®, and almost 30 on-site resorts. Walt Disney World® Resort is built to appeal to visitors from every walk of life, whether you are arranging a vacation for a family of four or a business conference with hundreds of attendees. Meanwhile, local visitors can purchase season passes so they can keep coming back to enjoy the Disney magic. Whether you’re a local or visiting from out of town, Park Savers is here to provide you with Walt Disney World® Resort tickets and access to other deals in the area.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom® is based on and laid out in a similar fashion to its sister park in Anaheim, California. While the Anaheim park features Sleeping Beauty Castle, Magic Kingdom® is centered around Cinderella Castle. The Magic Kingdom® has been the most visited theme park in the world for more than 10 years in a row, and the most visited theme park in North America for more than 15 consecutive years. It is divided into several sections, each with their own themes, including Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Main Street U.S.A., and Liberty Square.

EPCOT®, originally named EPCOT Center (an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) is dedicated to innovation and the world community. The park is arranged around Spaceship Earth, the iconic sphere at its center, which contains a ride that takes guests on a “trip through time” and features various advancements in technology over the centuries. Various pavilions surrounding the sphere feature different cultures and their histories from around the globe in the World Showcase.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios®, called Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park until its rebranding in 2008, provides visitors with entertainment and attractions that draw their inspiration from Hollywood, California during the 1930s and 1940s. The park was the third park built in the Walt Disney World® Resort complex, completing construction in 1989. Originally, the park only included the Studio Backlot Tour and The Great Movie Ride, but in subsequent years, it has added dozens of additional attractions.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom® is the newest of the main theme parks in the Walt Disney World® Resort complex, revolving around the enormous Tree of Life sculpture. The sculpture is modeled after a Baobab tree, a genus of African trees that grow to gigantic size and live for thousands of years. In addition to Disney-themed attractions, the park also serves as a zoological park featuring wild animal species from across the globe, as well as an area focusing on dinosaurs and other extinct, prehistoric creatures.

Park Savers offers a wide range of Walt Disney World® Resort tickets to make it more affordable for you and your group to take advantage of all the different attractions Walt Disney World Resort has to offer. Whether you plan to spend only a day or two or longer than a week, whether you plan to focus on one park at a time or hop from one to the other, we probably have a plan that can meet your needs. We also offer Walt Disney World® Resort packages that include deals on hotels and other savings, in addition to park admission.

Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort includes two theme parks—Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure—as well as Volcano Bay, a brand new water park opened in May 2017.

Visitors to Universal Studios Florida can experience rides and attractions that are based on blockbuster films from the past several decades. The park features material from several popular licensed properties, such as the Ghostbusters and Men in Black, The Simpsons, and the Harry Potter franchise.

Islands of Adventure was added to the Universal Studios complex in 1999, divided into seven “islands,” or districts themed around different forms of adventure, such as Marvel Comics super heroes, Jurassic Park, and Doctor Seuss. Just over ten years after the park’s opening, Universal added an eighth island, modeled after the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. A few years later, the Wizarding World attraction expanded to add Hogsmeade station at the Isles of Adventure and connect to King’s Cross Station and Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida via a replica of the Hogwarts Express.

Park Savers provides several discount packages the Universal Orlando Resort, whether your group plans to stay a single day or an entire week.

SeaWorld Adventure Park Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is the sister park to the original park in San Diego and features dozens of rides and attractions, with many features combining the rides with an animal exhibit. Roller coasters surrounded by aquariums allow visitors to combine the thrill of the ride with the wonder of the sea. For visitors who want something a bit slower paced, there are several shows featuring orcas, dolphins, sea lions, otters, and other aquatic life. In addition to the animal shows, there are other shows featuring human performers, as well as a fireworks show at night. Park Savers can get you and your group admission to the park at a significant discount over the price you would pay at the gate.

Other Tickets and Offers

In addition to admission at all the big parks in Southern California and Florida, we can help you to find discounted tickets and bookings for Disney cruises or even at Aulani, Disney’s award-winning luxury resort and spa in Ko Olina, Hawai’i. Travel to a new, far off destination and stay in comfort as you relax and rejuvenate yourself.

Park Savers has offerings beyond discount Disney theme park tickets and cheap admission to theme parks. If a Disneyland® Resort package isn’t what you’re looking for, we can help you to find deals and discounts on other attractions for your vacation. Call us at 1-888-878-6640 to speak with one of our representatives. We would love to help you make your vacation a memorable one!


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