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Hotels Near Disneyland Resort

Find Hotels Near Disneyland Resort

It’s super smart to plan your Disneyland vacation by finding hotels near Disneyland for several reasons. First, it’s very convenient to be able to walk or drive a short distance to get to the parks. Second, while some hotels may charge more, most are average pricing so while you get more out of your location you don’t tend to pay for it.

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My post below contains a lot of ways to search for hotels near Disneyland including by amenities and some of my favorite ones to stay at.

Hotels Across From Disneyland

If you’re looking for Hotels Across from Disneyland you’re one smart traveller! These are the best hotels to stay in so you’re right next to the parks for early entry and easy access.

I will be pretty frank with you about most hotels that are across the street from Disneyland. Most fall into the 3 star category and not much higher. Basically, if you’re looking for the Ritz Carlton you’re not going to find them here. I think the closest is the Marriott at 3.5 to 4 stars.

Here’s a list of all the Hotels across from Disneyland and a map to show you where most of them are:

  • Courtyard by Marriott
  • Fairfield Inn by Marriott
  • Howard Johnson Hotel
  • Camelot Inn & Suites
  • Tropicana Inn & Suites
  • Best Western Plus Park Place
  • Park Vue Inn
  • Anaheim Desert Inn and Suites
  • Del Sol Inn
  • The Anaheim Hotel
  • Castle Inn & Suites
  • Candy Cane Inn
  • Desert Palms Hotel & Suites
  • Residence Inn by Marriott
  • Springhill Suites
  • Westin Hotel

All these hotels are across the street from the parks in one way or another. Most of them are off of Harbour Blvd which is a great place to stay. The others are off of Katella which has more of the nicer and newer hotels.

Hotels Across from Disneyland

And that’s exactly how I would break them down. Almost every hotel off of Harbour Blvd is going to be a 2.5 to 3.5 star hotel. Most fall right in between at 3. Of these hotels, the closest to the parks is Anaheim Desert Inn & Suites and Tropicana Inn & Suites. They are right across the street from the entrance and you can be in the parks within 5 minutes.

Those two are the ones that I recommend the most if you want to stay at hotels across from Disneyland. They both offer free breakfast and decent rooms. Nothing special. Their rates are usually reasonable as well.

The 2 hotels I don’t recommend are the Park Vue Inn and Del Sol Inn. They are very old, run down and not worth the stay even though they may be a bit cheaper than the other two.

If you’re wanting to stay off of Harbour but need something a bit nicer, head north down the street where you will find two Marriotts. The best one of the two is Courtyard then Fairfield.

The Howard Johnson Hotel is 3 stars in my opinion but their pool for families is about a 4.5. It’s a really fun play area and a nice place to relax in the summer.

Hotels near Disneyland
Hotels near Disneyland

If you’re wanting some newer rooms with a bit more of a walk then checkout Katella Ave. Here you’ll find 3 major hotels, all of which I love. My favorite is the Residence Inn by Marriott. Big rooms, full kitchens, nice big breakfast buffet and close to shopping stores.

Next to it is the Springhill Suites by Marriott and it’s pretty good to. Breakfast isn’t as good and the rooms are more businesslike but still a great place to stay.

Lastly, the Westin Hotel in going to be completed in 2020 and will be the nicest of the hotels across from Disneyland. It will be a AAA 4 Diamond Hotel with shopping and dining. It sits kitty corner to California Adventure Park on the southwest side of the park. I can’t wait for this hotel to be finished!

It will feature views of the theme parks and great firework views at night time with the main concierge lounge facing California Adventure Park.

Best Hotels by Disneyland

Over the years I’ve been asked a lot about what hotels I prefer to stay at that are near Disneyland. I have my list and yes, I will share it with you. Just keep in mind that these are my best hotels by Disneyland and reflect my opinion from having stayed at over a dozen close by.

  • Residence Inn Marriott Anaheim Convention – This is easily one of the best hotels by Disneyland. Best free breakfast buffet, short walking distance to the parks, new hotel/rooms, rooftop pool and easy access to Walgreens/Rite-Aid.
  • Desert Palms Hotel and Suites – It’s an older hotel but it offers bigger rooms, free breakfast, parking and is right behind California Adventure Park which makes for a short walk to the parks.
  • Westin Anaheim Resort – This is going to be one of the best hotels by Disneyland when it’s completed in 2020. Located right across the street from California Adventure Park, the Westin will be brand new with 4 star service and rooms. Look for new shops and dining at this hotel as well.
  • Springhill Suites by Marriott Maingate – Located on the north end of the theme park block, this hotel is priced well, has breakfast and offers a stroll around the corner for access to Downtown Disney and the theme parks.
  • Courtyard by Marriott Theme Park Entrance – I’m a big fan of this hotel and it makes my best hotels by Disneyland list each year. Great location, great service and next to a lot of great places to eat.

I’ve stayed at all of these hotels except for the Westin Anaheim Resort which will be finished in 2020. I can wholeheartedly recommend each one of them as a great place to stay. They really are the Best Hotel by Disneyland in 2020.

I couldn’t write this section without mentioning the 3 Disneyland Resort Hotel that are of course on property, owned by Disney and are in the top 5 of hotels near Disneyland.

The Moderate Hotel is called Paradise Pier and features a seaside theme hotel with a rooftop pool, character dining and great rooms and suites. It’s also the “cheapest” when it comes to price. Guests staying here must walk through Downtown Disney to get to the parks.

The Disneyland Hotel is a AAA 4 Diamond Hotel and is the hotel everyone remembers staying at when they were young. It’s been around the longest and really represents the parks. The hotel features 3 towers names Fantasy, Frontier and Adventure. It features a monorail pool and slides, quick service and sit down dining options and great firework views.

The Disneyland Hotel is receiving it’s 4 tower in 2022 which will feature Disney Vacation Club rooms for members and guests.

The last hotel is Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and is also a AAA 4 Diamond Award Hotel. This is the most expensive hotel on property and features some great dining, shopping, and it’s own private entrance into the park. It was recently renovated to update the rooms which are beautiful.

There are several advantages to staying at property hotels, mostly the early entry into the parks with Extra Magic Hours. If you are a family with little ones then you will find it very easy to get back to your hotel from the parks for naps. It’s a very short walk from either park, even to Paradise Pier Hotel.

Hotels Near Disneyland – Advantages

If you’re wondering why so many people ask about hotels across from Disneyland it’s because there are a lot of advantages to staying at them. While some are more expensive, other aren’t. There is some give and take to be had here but for the most part I think it’s worth it.

Top Advantages:

  • Close to the parks – If you have to be the first in line to get into the parks these are the hotels you want to stay at. If you go-go-go all day long then just crash into a bed to sleep until park opening again, these are your hotels.
  • Great for Families – If you have little ones who need to go back and take naps during the day, the last place you want to stay is a bus ride or car ride away. Hotels near Disneyland make it so much easier to walk to and take care of these types of things.
  • Good Amenities – As I mentioned before, most of the hotels are older but a lot of them offer some amazing views of the parks and fireworks. In fact, several of them have converted their roofs into firework viewing locations for hotel guests. You can’t beat these crowd-free areas! Also, several of them offer rooftop pools, free parking and free breakfast.
  • Great Service – Many of these hotels have been around since the 1950’s when Disneyland opened so they know a thing or two about the parks and the area. Just ask!
  • Dining Options – The hotels located off of Harbour Blvd are surrounded by restaurants and fast food for quick and easy access. McDonalds, IHOP, Denny’s, Captain Kiddies, Mimi’s Bistro, The Pizza Press, Panera Bread and more.

Hotels Across from Disneyland – Disadvantages

There are always downsides to something that is great at Disney…Just Kidding! It’s always a magical time there but some of the hotels I’ve mentioned just aren’t…Disney.

  • Buying Tickets – Don’t buy tickets from any of these hotels because they offer no discount whatsoever. If you’re going to book anything including hotel and tickets, use Get Away Today. These hotels sell convenience and nothing else.
  • Old Hotels – Like I said before, some are from the 1950’s and 1960’s and while many of them have been updated, it hasn’t been that recent. Rooms are older and so are the beds and furniture. Most rooms are accessed from outside which isn’t my favorite for noise reasons.
  • Free Breakfasts – Most that offer this free breakfast in the morning are super simple. Fruit and pastries. It’s nothing to write home about. You’ll be in and out of there very quickly having had your fill of cantaloupe, honey dew and dry pastries. The Residence Inn has the best breakfast buffet available including eggs, bacon, toast, bagels, yogurt, waffles, pancakes, sausage and more. All warm and fresh for the taking!

Booking Hotels with Discounts

If we all want to stay close to the parks then we better be willing to pay top dollar for a room right? No. Not even close. Most, if not all of these hotels offer discounts through various partners.

The first place to start is with Get Away Today. They’ve been selling tens of thousands of nights a year to these hotels for over 20 years and offer some of the most unique extras with them that I’ve seen. Things like free parking, room upgrades and just plain room rate discounts!

hotels across from Disneyland

That’s really what you can expect from them the most: a Best Price Guarantee on any room or package you book. I’ve compared them to the likes of Costco, Sam’s Club Travel, Expedia, Hotels.com and Priceline and they always come out ahead.

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Being straight-up with you, their Best Price Guarantee on hotels and packages means they will not just match a competitor, they will beat them by $10. That’s a company I trust.

Expedia.com is another website you can look on for hotel rates. They seem to cover each of these hotels that I’ve mentioned including the 3 Disneyland Property Hotels. Of course with all these vendors, everything is based on availability so the earlier you book the better for you.

The only issue I take with Expedia is that they seem to have higher taxes and fees than most hotel websites. I’m not sure what it is about them but that always seems to be the case, even if the price per night is the same as elsewhere.

Priceline.com seems to stay pretty true when it comes to taxes and fees and covers almost all of these hotels except the 3 Disneyland Property Hotels. If you really want to book something for cheap, like the convention center hotels, use their Express Deals. I do this occasionally and end up getting fantastic rates at really nice hotels. It can be scary to do but saves you a lot of money in the end.

Of course you can always book with any of these hotels near Disneyland through their official websites. Some offer Best Price Guarantees and some don’t. I’ll just say this: Don’t battle to get a Best Price Matched. Book the lowest you can find and then go from there. Some of them can be pains to redeem. They do this on purpose.

Getting To Your Hotel

I feel this is important to talk about because many people fly in to LA/Orange County but need to get to the hotels near Disneyland. For LAX and SNA airport, the Disneyland Resort Express shuttle was a great service but it ended in January of 2020.

So no there are only a few options left. First, you can rent a car to drive to your hotel across from Disneyland. You’ll probably pay between $20 and $40 per day for the car + gas + parking fees. But if you need a car then you need a car!

best disneyland hotels

Your second option is getting a taxi or a shuttle from the airport to your hotel. At LAX and Orange County there always seem to be plenty of these. Some are ghetto and some are nicer. It usually comes down to price when you’re deciding. From LAX it can be about $25-$30 per person.

Your third option is to take an Uber or LYFT which are also readily available. From LAX you’ll pay about $60 for up to 4 guests one way. From SNA you’ll pay about $30. SNA is much closer to Disneyland than LAX.

Once you’ve gotten to your hotel, depending on how you arrived there may be parking fees to pay each night. While some of the best hotels by Disneyland offer free parking, many don’t so be aware. The average cost per night is $15. You car will need to have a parking permit placed on your dash in order to avoid a tow.

Finalizing Everything

Here’s my “if you didn’t read anything above” conclusion and summing up:

  • There are tons of hotels near Disneyland that are worth booking.
  • The Best Hotels by Disneyland include Marriott, Desert Palms Hotel and a brand new Westin coming in 2020.
  • Disneyland Property Hotel are the closest place to stay to the parks but can be pricey. They have a lot of perks though.
  • Hotels off of Harbour and Katella are hotels across from Disneyland and have many advantages and disadvantages.
  • You can save a ton on your hotel and package by booking with Get Away Today. Otherwise there are a few other websites to checkout.
  • Getting to and from your hotel plays a big part in your trip. You could save a ton of money by avoiding a rental and going with an Uber or LYFT.

Your hotel is your home for the duration of your vacation and tends to be the first thing guests book. I would recommend picking one that you know you’ll be happy with including age, amenities and location.