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How to Get Cheap Tickets to Disney Orlando

With today’s living expenses increasing and everyone looking to find new and useful ways of saving money, planning a vacation that is cost-effective is essential. No one wants to go on a well-deserved getaway, only to come home and be hard-pressed to live comfortably. Of course, it takes meticulous planning to prepare for a vacation, and in a way, this helps you save up all the needed funds.

However, if the opportunity to save a few hard-earned dollars arises, why not jump at the chance to do so? Planning a vacation to Walt Disney World Resort is something every family should do at least once. As we are well aware, the main attractions are the rides and coasters that children are especially looking forward to.

Although there are no cheap Disney tickets, there are smart ways you can save on this major expense. Here, we will discuss one of the ways to save money on Disney tickets.

How to Get Cheap Tickets to Disney Orlando: Buying from Park Savers

Buying from Park Savers is very simple, and you get to save some money in the process, as well. You won’t have to fork out hundreds of dollars with a nagging fear that maybe this is too good to be true.

You will start off by deciding how many days you will be spending at Disney World. Then, you’ll select the number of days you want tickets for and choose the kind of ticket that you need.

You will also have to choose how many adults – anyone above the age of 10 – and how many kids there will be. They will obviously need tickets, as well.

At this point, you should already know when you’ll be visiting. You can select the dates on the site’s calendar and then click on the ‘Add to Order’ selection.

Once this is done, you will find that the order’s total price will be displayed. The fee will include all taxes for the tickets.

Next, you will have to select ‘Review Order’ so you can fill in all your personal information and choose how the tickets will be delivered. You should also add insurance for your trip. In addition, you can add Memory Maker to your ticket purchase, which will give you unlimited digital Disney PhotoPass photos. This is a great way to enhance your Disney experience.

At this point, you will select the ‘Checkout’ option, and then you’ll be taken to the page where you arrange payment. Enter your preferred card details and finish the purchase – securely and safely, of course.

There you go, that is the simple, easy way to buy cheap tickets to Disney World Orlando.

Bonus Information

With so many ways to buy tickets to Disney World, you have to be aware of how to avoid nasty scams. Sadly, many people out there want your money, and they will go to great lengths to get it.

There are certain ways to prevent yourself from getting scammed. If your gut instinct tells you that something is too awesome to be true, listen to it. You may be subconsciously seeing red flags, and it’s a good idea to follow your gut.

Where Not To Buy Tickets To Disney World

Although it seems likely that you could find cheap tickets on eBay or Craigslist, it’s also an easy way to get fooled. Never buy tickets on these sites, no matter how appealing the low prices may seem. You never know what you’re getting yourself into, and you could lose all your money. Meeting up with strangers to buy tickets could be dangerous, as well, so this is not recommended, either.

There are websites that seem legitimate that could be scams, as well. Only trust official sellers of Disney World tickets, such as Park Savers. There are a few ways to tell which sites are unreliable.

Look out for:

  • Sites with the Disney name in their URL – Disney doesn’t allow official sellers to do this. If you see that, you know that it is not an official and reliable seller.
  • Payment asked for by cash methods or Western Union. You should ALWAYS pay by credit card when you’re making purchases online. This will help protect your purchase.
  • Discounted 1-day-only sales – this is not something that Disney does or allows. Do not trust sites that offer these ‘specials’.
  • Tickets on sale from timeshare promoters. This kind of sale could require you to attend a seminar or something similar in order to get the tickets. This is definitely not something that Disney would do.

Something else you should avoid is the purchase of partially used passes and tickets. This is a thing that you’d likely encounter on a site like Craigslist. It is possible that you may find legitimate passes, but it’s more likely that you will be scammed.

Also, you won’t know how many days are left on the passes until you try to use them. In Florida, it is illegal to resell Disney passes, so keep that in mind. Keep all these tips in mind when you buy your tickets. That way, you won’t be taken for a fool and spend your hard-earned money on fake tickets.


Now you know where to buy legitimate cheap tickets for your Disney World trip. Avoid any fishy sites and sellers and only buy from reliable sites such as ours.

Disney will not reimburse you for tickets that have been sold in fraudulent ways or that have problems at the gates. Neither will any other theme park or institution. Take care to always make sure that, when buying from a third-party sales vendor, sales are always authentic and sold at true prices.

This will save you the trouble of dealing with tickets that are sold without hidden fees or tax exclusion. Such sales will not save money or time. Best of luck, and enjoy your vacation!