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Lamplight Lounge Review

Enjoy a Fresh New Menu at Lamplight Lounge

lamplight lounge

Lamplight Lounge: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

Lamplight Lounge is located in Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure Park. It opened June 23rd, 2018, the same day Pixar Pier opened. What used to be the Cover bar and Ariel’s Grotto is now all one called Lamplight Lounge. The name comes from infamous Luxo Lamp that symbolizes Pixar Animation. You would recognize him from his into to all Pixar films where he jumps on the ball and smooshes it.

The Lamplight Lounge is very Pixar themed just like the rest of Pixar Pier. It features animated drawings and artwork from all your favorite Pixar films throughout the lounge. Even if you don’t eat here we highly recommend stoping in and taking a look. Even the menus drinks are all based off of Pixar films. Plus there are some unique drawings that are pretty funny and pretty cute.

The Lamplight Lounge technically has two sections to it. The top floor of the lounge is an open bar with seating that serves drinks and a smaller finger food menu. One of its biggest draws is the lobster nachos which are not over-hyped at all. They are incredibly good and a recommended must-do from us. They can be shared between two or three people along with some very good drinks. Kids are welcome to join you here and the menu has some really great non-alcoholic drinks including the 2319 (strawberry puree, cream of coconut, pineapple juice and Coca Cola) and Falling with Style (lemonade with mango puree).

The upstairs level of Lamplight Lounge does not require reservations. It’s a first come first served restaurant. We suggest getting there early before lunch and dinner because this place gets busy!

The lower level of Lamplight Lounge does take reservations but walk-ins are welcomed too. It features a more extensive food menu plus all the drinks you can find upstairs. The highlight of the downstairs menu are the Lamplight Lounge donuts. They also are not over-rated. These are very fluffy donuts with some chocolate and raspberry dipping sauces. Very yummy!

Just like most new places opening in the parks across the US, pricing is going up. Some of the non-alcoholic drinks start at $6.50 which we think is a bit high. Price aside the Lamplight Lounge is a fantastic place to relax, take a breather, enjoy some good foods and drinks.

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