Magic Kingdom Tips and Tricks

Magic Kingdom Tips and Tricks


It’s easy to tire at the parks when it’s hot and you’re on your feet all day. There are two attractions at Magic Kingdom that are perfect to rest those feet on. The first is the People Mover attraction in Tomorrowland. It’s a nice easy going ride that only requires you to sit and relax as it takes you around Tomorrowland. Parts of the ride go inside where you can feel that amazing AC. Plus you get to see the inside of Space Mountain!

The second attraction is the Carousel of Progress. It’s all inside and the AC is nice and cold. You’ll get to enjoy a fun show about progress, one of Walt’s favorite attractions. Your feet will thank you!

The Castle at Magic Kingdom is incredible! It’s massive compared to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in California. During the daytime several shows are held in front of the castle with lots of characters and a fun story. They even use fireworks! Look for show times when you pick up your times guide and be sure to catch one.

Splash Mountain always looks fun but when it comes down to getting wet some people would just rather not. If you want to ride but not worry about getting super wet, ride in the back. From all the rides we’ve done it’s the least wet place to sit.

When watching the fireworks show the best viewing place is actually a ways back from the castle. When you’re right up by it your neck is cranked back all the way for 15+ minutes. Go back a few hundred yards but to the side of the Walt and Mickey statue. You’ll have a great view of the castle and the fireworks in the air without hurting your neck!

Food and Dining

The best place to eat at Magic Kingdom is Cinderella’s Royal Table.

The funnest place to eat at Magic Kingdom is Skipper Canteen.

The most casual place to eat at Magic Kingdom is Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.

Be Our Guest Restaurant is a completely different experience between breakfast/lunch and dinner. Breakfast and lunch are quick service so you won’t have a server and they’ll ask you to pre-order your food before you sit down. You can even pre-order your food before arriving by visiting your reservation online. It’s pretty cool! Anyway, you’ll order your food and pay before you sit. it’s open seating so….good luck!

The weirdest thing is that once you sit down you’re kind of thinking…how do I get my food? Don’t worry, someone will come by and look at your receipt and then bring your food. Feel free to walk around and enjoy the ballrooms and grab your silverware and drinks in the meantime.

The best frozen treat at Magic Kingdom is at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland. It’s the Pina Colada and it will blow your mind! It’s sooo good! If you’re not sure what to get after that advertisement just ask for a sample! We would especially recommend this for the Citrus Swirl…it’s not super great even though it looks like it.

We suggest this on every page when it comes to eating because it’s THE best thing we can tell you to help you save money throughout the day. DO NOT buy water! $3.29 for a Dasani….geez! You can get free cups of water from ANY quick service restaurant. Just walk up and ask for a cup of water…or 2 or 3! They’ll happily give them to you at no charge! We just saved you $10 a day. You’re welcome.


When Main Street is full of people for a parade or fireworks show it can be really tough to move around, especially when you’re trying to exit the parks. Stay on the right side of Main Street and cut through Casey’s Corner. the back entrance cuts through all the shops on Main Street and drops you out right at the firestation. Tada!