Marriott Disney Tickets – Everything You Need To Know

Marriott Disney Tickets

For those not content to simply enjoy the magic of Disney through Disney movies streamed on Disney plus, a visit to the place that houses the magic is in order. Before making that trip, there’s a good deal of planning that needs to take place, and there is one important place to start: buying your tickets.

You want to be sure that you do a little research before hitting that purchase button on the first place you come to after searching ‘Disney tickets Orlando’. There can be a wide variation in price and taking a little extra time to search can ensure that you get the best possible deal.

Who Sells Disney Tickets

Whether your goal is simply to buy Disney tickets cheap or to get the best bang for your buck, start with this list of who sells tickets. You have likely seen the counters available at places like Costco or Walmart and know that you can go online and find a myriad of sellers ready to connect you with different deals and packages and prices.

Marriott Disney Tickets Hotel

One major company well-known for selling tickets is Marriott. Vacations by Marriott is a service that allows users to input their dates and departure location and be matched with Disney hotels, a point system, and general information. Typically, the price shown will show the hotel price per night, its amenities and distance from the park, and the price of the flights to and from matching the date provided.

Marriott Hotels at Disney 

Marriott has a number of hotels located on the Disney Resort locations. At these hotels, you are able to purchase tickets to the park from the hotel directly. The Marriott website also has an online platform allowing for the booking of tickets.

Budgeting for Your Tickets 

Disneyland Tickets

Buying Disneyland tickets is pretty straightforward. Because it is the smaller park, it only requires a ticket to the park and a place to stay. If you are interested in the FastPass to skip lines, that still uses a paper system, in contrast to Disney World’s smartphone integrated FastPass+.

disney tickets 2020

Ticket purchase prices will vary based on the dates chosen, the parks included, the benefits added, and the age of the visitor. The 1-day tickets at Disneyland have five different price tiers, making tickets more expensive on days the park is busier. The cheapest tickets will be weekdays during the off-season, and the most expensive tickets will be weekends and holidays in the summer. A Tier 1, 1 Day 1 Park Ticket might cost around $104 for an adult and $98 for a child. The same ticket, but Tier 5, might cost $154 for an adult and $146 for a child.

Tickets for two or more days do not have price tiers and are used the same for any day of the year. A typical 2-Day 1 Park Per Day Ticket might cost $235 for an adult and $220 for a child. One thing you will not have to factor into your budget for Disneyland tickets is tax because the state of California does not tax theme park tickets. 

Disney World Tickets 

Generally, tickets to Disney World will be a little bit more expensive. To understand why, consider the size difference between the two parks. Disney World is roughly the size of the city of San Francisco, being made up of four theme parks, two water parks, and 25 resort hotels, along with golf courses, the shopping and dining neighborhood of Disney Springs, and a campground. All told, Disney World is 40 square miles. In contrast, Disneyland is only 0.75 square miles and made up of two theme parks, three hotels, and a dining and shopping neighborhood called Downtown Disney.

New Disney Park Guidelines

Be aware that Disney World has a new ticketing procedure, MyMagic+, which creates a bundle of what is included in your trip rather than a ticket. Visitors are given a rubber bracelet, called a MagicBand, that has a chip containing all of the entry methods you need for what you have booked- the ticket into the park, reservations, the PhotoPass, even a charge card able to be used at your resort.

For this reason, buying a ticket to Disney World is a bit more complicated and involved. You’ll be looking into the FastPass, the parks you’re wanting to visit, and all the other offerings.

A base one day ticket to Disney World, 1 Park Per Day, could cost between $116.09 to $169.34 for an adult and $110.76 to $164.01 for a child.

The Park Savers Difference

While you are able to buy tickets from a variety of sources- online, at the desk of a Marriott hotel, over the phone, or in different stores- the key to getting the best deal is working with an advocate. Park Savers has been looking out for the best interests of Disney visitors for ten years; we know all of the tips and tricks to help you buy tickets at the right price optimized for your best enjoyment. We provide all of the advice and a developed foundation of knowledge about the parks to ensure that you don’t miss anything.

Things to Do in Downtown Disney Orlando -

When it comes time to buy your Disney Tickets 2020 and experience the magic of these parks firsthand, be sure that you are looking out for yourself and your wallet. Choosing to work with Park Savers is choosing to hit the parks knowing that you won’t miss out on anything on your list and that you are getting the best possible deal on your theme park vacation.

Get started today on the planning of your perfect trip to Disneyland or Disney World! Take a look through our helpful, detailed guides of the parks and their offerings, read our blog, or get in touch. We can’t wait to hear from you and to help you make your dreams come true.