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Six Flags New England Theme Park Guide

New England is known for its history, so it’s only right that the oldest park in the Six Flags chain is also located in the region. Six Flags New England originated as Gallup’s Grove, an amusement park built in the late 1800s, but eventually purchased and rebranded in 2000.

Six Flags New England is the largest amusement park in New England, featuring more than a dozen rides, eight themed sections, and includes the massive Hurricane Harbor water park. Famous rides like Superman the Ride have put this park on the map as a must-visit for thrill-seekers traveling in the New England area.

Discover what awaits you at Six Flags New England and how you can make the most of an exciting day at the park.

Things to Do in Six Flags New England

Thrill Rides

Although the iconic green towers of the Goliath roller coaster no longer greet you upon entering the Six Flags New England park, the air will still be filled with screams from riders enjoying its many other thrill rides. As the best theme park in New England for roller coasters, you’ll have hours of adrenaline-rushing fun.

The Wicked Cyclone is one of the top thrill rides, ranking number one in New England for airtime. This RMC coaster picks up speeds down the 10-story drop before going through seat-shifting turns and corkscrews while racing 55 miles per hour. One of the most unique rides is the Flashback, where you won’t even have to request an encore ride since it takes you around its exciting track twice to replay the thrilling memories—except this time backward! You’ll feel what it’s like shooting down the 117-ft drop back-first and the disorienting double-inversion cobra rolls.

Join forces with your favorite superheroes to battle villains on the park’s themed roller coasters. Brief yourself about the upcoming mission while standing in line for Batman The Dark Knight, which takes you through the Bat Cave, because the action starts as soon as you get on the ride. This B&M coaster glides through smooth loops and plunges into action from an 11-story drop. Dizzy yourself on HARLEY QUINN Spinsanity, whose 147-ft tall pendulum swings you nearly too close for comfort next to her partner in action, the Joker 4D Free Fly Coaster. Choose from the purple or green side of the Joker coaster to see which free-axel spinning is the most intense.

Six Flags New England also offers special rides like CYBORG Hyper Drive 4D ride experience. You and your ground will strap into the ride to battle again the CYBORG while enjoying holograms, vibrant lighting, sudden motions, and plenty of other surprises.

Water Park

Admission into Six Flags New England also includes access to the largest waterpark in New England: Hurricane Harbor! So, be sure to bring your swimming trunks and bathing suit because you don’t want to miss out on the wet and wild fun when the sun is out.

Hurricane Harbor has water rides and attractions for all ages. So, this park has you covered whether you’re looking for water thrills, something a bit more laidback, or something for the kids to enjoy.

Cross your arms and hold your breath as you shoot down the Cannonball Falls green water slide, the highest water slide in Hurricane Harbor. Alternatively, choose the side slides to splash around in the dark tubes when the only sign of light means you’re about to make a rushing splash into the pool below. Adventure River winds around the waterpark, extending for 1,000-ft. Rent a single or double tube or use your body to float lazily down the gentle stream, passing through a tropical setting that instantly makes you forget that you’re in New England. 

Kids can make their own fun in Hurricane Harbor with water attractions explicitly designed for them. Watch from a distance as they venture into Hook’s Lagoon, a pirate-themed water playground with splashy bridges, slides, and a large bucket dumping gallons of water on top of whoever stands beneath it. And the bite-sized water slides at the Kiddie Pirate Ship provide just as many thrills as the adult slides.

In addition to the water slides and other attractions, Hurricane Harbor lets you enjoy water fun on your own terms in the open pools. Splash around or practice your strokes with free swimming in the clear blue waters at Hurricane Bay.

Shopping and Dining

Most people visiting Six Flags New England plan to spend the entire day in the park. It’s the best way to maximize your day pass and give yourself a chance to ride all your favorite rides. Thankfully, the theme park is designed for all-day fun by providing many options for shopping and dining during your thrill ride breaks or making your way to new areas in the park.

Main Street is a hub for shopping in the park. It’s home to popular stores like Six Flags Emporium and Main Street Souvenirs to shop the best Six Flag’s themed merchandise. Pick up a t-shirt, hat, mug, or other collectors’ items if you plan to visit other parks in the chain. You’ll also find the Looney Tunes Emporium nearby for shopping for clothing, plush toys, and other merchandise of Bugs Bunny, Taz, Daffy Duck, and other favorite Looney Tunes characters.

DC Comics is another central theme found at Six Flags New England, so there are plenty of shops in the DC SUPERHEROS Adventure area. DC SUPER HERO Store includes merchandise with your favorite superhero characters like Batman and Green Lantern, while THE DAILY PLANET Gifts is a go-to shop for all of your Superman- and Superwoman-themed merchandise.

When hunger calls, there are restaurants and snack kiosks set up around the entire theme park, so you’re never too far away from your next meal. Head to JB’s Smokehouse BBQ for hearty meals to try their tasty brisket and pulled pork, or choose Captain Leo’s for an All-American theme park meal favorite of chicken fingers and fries. Adults can wash down their meal with drinks at Blue Moon Saloon and the Budweiser Carts.

There’s always room for snacks, and Six Flags New England has countless places. Grab snacks at Brown Derby for treats like soft-served ice cream and fried dough. Or drop by one of the many Dippin’ Dots stations.

Live Shows and Special Events

As exciting as Six Flags New England can be throughout the year, some of the favorite times to visit are for its special events and activities. The park hosts live shows throughout its open season, and holidays mean you can expect the park to go all out to celebrate them.

You never know who –or what– you’ll bump into while walking down Main Street. Just a heads up, don’t be surprised if you happen to see your favorite Looney Tunes characters hanging around the Main Street Gazebo. Park attendees are more than welcome to snap selfies with Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Daffy Duck, and the rest of the crew. And be sure to stick around for their ‘Looney’ antics whenever they get together.

Check the program schedule when arriving at the park to see when and where you’ll find live performances. The park has venues that frequently host music, comedy, dance, and other events.

You’ll instantly feel the festive spirit when visiting Six Flags New England during its many holiday events hosted throughout the year. It invites vacation-goers to enjoy Spring Break in the park with special activities, rates, and more during spring. But its most popular holiday events are always during the latter part of the year.

The park’s thrill rides won’t be the only thing giving you the goosebumps in the fall because Frightfest transforms the park into a Halloween-themed venue. Take a walk through the Undead Alley, see spooky decorations, and rides that add a few extra thrills to bring out your screams.

New England gets cold during the winter, but that still doesn’t keep amusement park enthusiasts from checking out what the hype is about Holiday in the Park. Six Flags New England gets a winterized transformation with a brilliant holiday light walk-through display and trips down the Holiday Candy trail.

Theme Park Sections

Six Flags New England covers 235 acres and consists of the main park and the Hurricane Harbor water park. The entire park is divided into themed sections, each offering unique rides, shops, and attractions worth exploring if there’s time.

Main Street Plaza is the start point for everyone entering the park. It’s a place for pass holders and park members to redeem their perks, pick up merchandise (on the way in or out of the park), and get the fun started with rides like the Scream drop tower.

Turning left takes you to Hurricane Harbor, the adjacent water park included with all park admissions. Take a right to continue exploring the many themed sections within the Six Flags park.

Crackaxle Canyon boasts a wild west theme with highlights like JB’s Smokehouse BBQ and shops, including Western Tattoo and Western Airbrush. North End is the perfect place for thrill-seekers to cross off many of the park’s famous roller coasters, including Wicked Cyclone, Flashback, and Pandemonium. Don’t forget to stop by the photo booths after the rides to see who made the best ‘thrill face.’

Six Flags New England brings cartoon characters to life in various park sections. DC Universe lets your soar with Superman and Supergirl, and Gotham City is always looking for new recruits to help Batman stop the Joker and Harley Quinn.

Kids can have their own fun in the designated Kidzopolis section. It features a collection of the park’s kid-friendly rides like Krazy Kups and Wacky Wagon.

When you’re ready for a break, head to the pavilions near the back of the park at rivers Edge Picnic Grove for waterfront seating, views of SUPERMAN the Ride, and bathrooms. 

Passes and Discounts

Looking for ways to save during your visit to Six Flags New England. There are several options for maximizing your time and budget. The simplest way to enter the park is by purchasing a One-Day ticket online for savings compared to buying it at the gate. However, if you have more time to plan, you can expect even more savings and in-park perks.

Six Flags New England offers three tiers for its member passes. Each tier includes benefits of the previous tier along with other special offerings. The three options and a few of their benefits include:

  • Thrill Seeker Pass – single-use Skip-the-Line pass, specialty rates on tickets for friends and family
  • Extreme Pass – access to all Six Flags parks, 20% food discount, and 35% merchandise discount
  • Ultimate Pass – access to all Six Flags parks, preferred parking, discounted FLASH PASS, merchandise credit, dining plan, and more.

Be sure to reach the updated pass details to see the complete package deal and decide which is best for you.

Purchasing theme park passes isn’t the only way to access special perks. Six Flags allows you to include add-ons to your purchase, either for one-day or seasonal. A few of the top add-ons available are:

  • Dining Deal/Plan – food and snacks included during your park visit
  • THE FLASH Pass – reduce the wait time on rides and virtual waiting
  • Photo Pass – pictures on rides, meet and greet, and other photo stations


When does Six Flags New England open?

Six Flags New England is a seasonal amusement park. It opens every year in April and remains open until December.

Where is Six Flags New England Located?

Six Flags New England is an amusement park designated for the entire New England region in the US, consisting of six states. The park is located in Agawam, Massachusetts, approximately a 1.5-hour drive from Boston, MA, and Providence, RI, and a 30-minute drive from Hartford, CT.

What is the oldest theme park in the Six Flags chain?

Six Flags operates 27 theme parks across North America. Although Six Flags Over Texas was the first Six Flags park built, it also acquired older parks. Six Flags New England is the oldest park in the chain, opened as Gallup’s Grove in 1870.

Where is Superman the Ride located?

Superman the Ride ranks high on the list of roller coasters worldwide. It is located at Six Flags New England in the park’s DC Universe section.