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How To Save On Westgate Disney Tickets

Westgate is one of the largest resort companies in the world. They have over 27 properties and 14,000 rooms for guests to enjoy all over the world. Some of their best resorts are located in Central Florida near Walt Disney World Resort. It’s here that guests can enjoy an amazing stay in a villa and spend their days at the theme parks. And I’m here to teach you how to save on Westgate Disney Tickets to enhance your vacation.

Westgate Disney Tickets

Westgate Disney World Tickets

Because Westgate runs 7 property resorts in Orlando, you have lots of options to choose from when planning a Disney World vacation. But what about saving on your theme park tickets? Can you buy them at the resorts? Are there any discounts available? What options do you have for FastPass+ when you buy them from Westgate?

As of right now you can purchase tickets at any of the Orlando Westgate resorts. But do you want to? The reason I say that is because buying your tickets last minute or upon arrival does not give you the lead time you need to plan your FastPass+ out.

Let’s say for instance that you arrive at your Westgate resort on March 15th and your first day in the parks in March 16th. By the time you purchase your tickets at check-in you’ll have less than 24 hours to plan your FastPass+ out for the parks.

Why is this bad? Because everyone else was planning theirs 30-60 days in advance. Staying at a Westgate resort has its advantages but tickets is not one of them. You should be booking 30 days in advance if you’re going to be a guest at Westgate. It’s how you get all the FastPass+ attractions you want.

Westgate Disney Tickets

The other downside to buying directly from Westgate is the savings, or lack thereof. They sell their tickets at full gate pricing offering little to no savings. When you combine this with not being able to book FastPass+ in advance, you’re off to a really bad start.

I would suggest staying at a Westgate because they are amazing resorts but purchasing your tickets here so you can book FastPass+ in advance and save up to $81 per ticket over gate pricing.

Westgate Disneyland Tickets

Unfortunately Westgate doesn’t own any resorts in Orange County California where Disneyland is located. What this means for guests trying to purchase Disneyland tickets from Westgate is that it’s not possible at this time. Because their resorts are focused in Orlando, they only offer tickets for the Orlando resort.

westgate disneyland tickets

You can purchase discounted tickets to Disneyland without them however by using a company called Get Away Today. They’ve been selling Disneyland tickets at discounted pricing for over 20 years. I trust them as the best provider online and love their Best Price Guarantee.

Discounts on tickets range from $2 per ticket all the way to over $100 per ticket depending on the time of year and special offer they have running. On average you can save up to $25 per ticket over gate pricing.