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Alice in Wonderland Ride Review

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Disneyland is renowned for its enchanting attractions, and one such ride that captures the essence of this magic is the Alice in Wonderland ride. Nestled in the heart of Fantasyland, this classic attraction offers visitors a captivating journey through the whimsical world of Lewis Carroll’s iconic tale. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the ride’s history, location, design, and architecture. We’ll also cover essential information such as wait times, height requirements, rider switch, DAS (Disability Access Service), Genie+, Lightning Lane, and the best times to experience the enchantment.


Is The Alice in Wonderland Ride Still There?


Wait Times and Height Requirements

Wait times for the Alice in Wonderland ride can vary throughout the day. On busy days, it’s not uncommon to experience longer waits, especially during peak hours. The best strategy to minimize wait times is to visit the ride during Disneyland’s less crowded periods, which are typically early in the morning or late in the evening.

As for height requirements, the Alice in Wonderland ride is a family-friendly attraction, and there are no height restrictions, making it suitable for guests of all ages.

White Rabbit holding pocket watch

Single Rider, Genie+, and Lightning Lane

The Alice in Wonderland ride does not offer a single rider option, as the ride vehicles are designed to accommodate multiple guests in each caterpillar. Disneyland introduced the Genie+ system, which allows visitors to purchase Lightning Lane access to select attractions. Alice in Wonderland is unfortunately not part of this system.

Rider Switch

For families with young children who do not meet the height requirement, Disneyland offers the Rider Switch program. This allows one adult to wait with the child while the rest of the party rides the attraction. Afterward, the waiting adult can switch places with the rider who stayed with the child without having to wait in line again.

DAS (Disability Access Service)

Disneyland provides services to accommodate guests with disabilities, including the Disability Access Service (DAS). This service allows individuals with disabilities to obtain a return time for attractions, including Alice in Wonderland, so they can enjoy the ride without waiting in the standard queue.

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Ride Experience/Walkthrough

The queue for Alice in Wonderland winds through the garden walls surrounding a quaint English cottage, setting the stage for the story. As you approach the cottage, the White Rabbit animatronic darts out the front door exclaiming he’s late for an important date. Guests board one of the 16 ride vehicles designed as colorful caterpillars. The ride begins ascending a leafy vine ramp up and into the rabbit hole. As the caterpillar travels through the dark tunnel, riders hear Alice reciting her famous line “Down, down the rabbit hole!” A talking doorknob signals your arrival in Wonderland as the caterpillar emerges into the Technicolor world.

The ride takes you through iconic scenes with audio clips and music from the film. You’ll see Alice chasing the White Rabbit through a meadow, encounter Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and shrink after drinking from a mysterious bottle. Other Wonderland characters make appearances including the Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Queen of Hearts. One immersive scene recreates the magical garden with singing flowers. State-of-the-art projection technology and new animatronics were added in 2014 to enhance several scenes.

The ride culminates with the classic Unbirthday Party scene and a trippy spin under the giant mushroom. After 3 minutes of twists, turns, and drops spanning two floors, the caterpillar vehicles return up the vine ramp and unload back in the garden. The Alice in Wonderland ride covers approximately 1,500 feet of track as it whisks you through Wonderland.


  1. Queue Experience: As you approach the ride, you’ll be greeted by an inviting garden filled with oversized topiaries, vibrant flowers, and whimsical props. The colorful landscape creates a visually stunning prelude to your adventure in Wonderland. The playful music of “The Unbirthday Song” fills the air, setting a cheerful tone.
  2. Boarding Your Caterpillar: After a brief wait in the enchanting garden, you’ll reach the loading area. The ride vehicles are designed to resemble colorful caterpillars, and you’ll board one with your fellow adventurers. Each caterpillar can accommodate several guests, making it a family-friendly attraction.
  3. The Rabbit Hole: Your journey begins with a descent down the rabbit hole, just as Alice did in the classic story. You’ll wind your way through the twisting tunnels, surrounded by psychedelic patterns and whimsical lights, creating a feeling of falling deeper into Wonderland.
  4. The Cheshire Cat’s Forest: Emerging from the rabbit hole, you’ll find yourself in the Cheshire Cat’s forest. Giant, grinning Cheshire Cat faces appear and disappear among the trees, creating a sense of playful mystique. The colors and lighting effects in this scene add to the dreamlike atmosphere.
  5. The Tulgey Wood: Next, your caterpillar will glide into the Tulgey Wood, where you’ll encounter the White Rabbit and various Wonderland creatures. The eerie glow of the mushrooms and the hauntingly beautiful music enhance the sense of adventure.
  6. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party: One of the highlights of the ride is the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. You’ll witness the zany antics of the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and the Dormouse as they celebrate an un-birthday. The spinning teacups and whimsical decorations capture the essence of this memorable scene from the movie.
  7. Painting the Roses Red: The Queen of Hearts’ garden comes next, where you’ll see the playing cards feverishly painting white roses red to avoid the Queen’s wrath. The vibrant colors and playful animations make this scene come to life.
  8. The Queen’s Croquet Game: As you approach the Queen’s castle, you’ll witness the Queen of Hearts presiding over a game of croquet with her flamingo mallets. The Queen’s stern gaze and the comical antics of the flamingos add to the overall charm.
  9. The Unraveling of Wonderland: Your adventure culminates with a visit to the courtroom, where Alice is on trial. The Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit, and other characters from the story play their roles in this climactic scene. The sense of chaos and whimsy reaches its peak before you exit the ride.
  10. Exiting Through the Gift Shop: After the ride concludes, you’ll exit into a Wonderland-themed gift shop where you can find a variety of Alice in Wonderland-themed merchandise, from plush toys to clothing, allowing you to take a piece of Wonderland home with you.

Location in Disneyland

Alice in Wonderland is located in Fantasyland between the Mad Tea Party spinning teacups ride and King Arthur Carousel. Its proximity to other classic dark rides like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and Peter Pan’s Flight make it a must-do attraction when visiting Fantasyland. The ride’s outdoor portion features beautiful landscaping and vines that help it blend into the charming European village design of Fantasyland.

Large mushroom-shaped toadstools and oversized plants add whimsy to the garden environment. Nearby restrooms are located directly across from the Alice exit. There is also an Alice-themed restroom façade next to the Mad Tea Party ride.

Alice in Wonderland Location

Best Times to Ride

To make the most of your Alice in Wonderland ride experience, it’s essential to choose the best times to ride. As mentioned earlier, early mornings and late evenings are generally less crowded, offering shorter wait times. Additionally, consider visiting during weekdays when the park tends to be less crowded compared to weekends and holidays.


The Alice in Wonderland ride at Disneyland is a beloved classic that continues to enchant visitors of all ages. Its rich history, whimsical design, and immersive experience make it a must-visit attraction in Fantasyland. Whether you’re a fan of Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale or simply seeking a dose of Disney magic, this ride promises a whimsical journey into the heart of Wonderland. Don’t forget to use Genie+ to skip the lines, and be sure to explore this enchanting attraction during the quieter times of the day for an experience that will leave you grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

White Rabbit holding pocket watch
Alice in Wonderland Ride Review
The Final Word
The Alice in Wonderland ride at Disneyland is a delightful and whimsical adventure that appeals to guests of all ages. Whether you're a fan of the classic story or simply seeking a dose of Disney magic, this enchanting attraction offers a memorable journey into the heart of Wonderland, where curiosity reigns supreme, and surprises await around every corner.