Spaceship attraction with planets

Astro Orbitor Attraction Review and Tips

Climb into a retro 3-passenger spaceship and prepare for launch! Hold on tight as your rocket levitates into the air and revolves around a galaxy of planets—inspired by centuries-old astronomical designs—as the sights and sounds of Tomorrowland whizz by below.

Spaceship rockets with family
Astro Orbitor Attraction Review
Fun For Kids
Fun For Adults
Spend 35 minutes in line or less

The idea of this attraction has been around for a long time starting with the Astro Jets in 1965. We love the one at Magic Kingdom more because it’s much higher up than this one which starts at ground level. We also have personal grievances with it because it sits right in the middle of the Tomorrowland entrance which causes traffic issues.

Having said that, the attraction is really fun for kids and very simple for them to follow. It does spin around in a circle and a lever inside the ship allows for guests to go up or down depending on how high or low they want to be. It’s very similar to the Dumbo attraction in Fantasyland.

It has no height restrictions so anyone can go on it and we recommend you go on it first thing in the morning as it tends to carry a long line the later you wait.

What is the Astro Orbitor at Disneyland?

The attraction is a rocket-spinner attraction that lifts guests up into the air and spins them in a circle. The guest can control how high or low they go by pushing forward or pulling back on a lever.

Is Astro Orbitor faster than Dumbo?

No. The attraction goes the same speed as Dumbo but does allow the rider to go higher in the air than Dumbo does.

How long is the Astro Orbitor ride?

The attraction last approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds from take-off to landing. During this time the rider is able to go up or down using a lever inside the ship.