Outdoor tables set for dinner at the Blue Bayou Restaurant at night

Blue Bayou Restaurant Review

In the heart of Disneyland, where every nook and cranny offers a brush with magic, Blue Bayou Restaurant stands as a testament to culinary excellence and immersive ambiance. This iconic eatery, with its lantern-lit atmosphere and Southern charm, is a dining experience like no other.

Orange and Blue Striped Blue Bayou Restaurant Entrance Sign

The Food

Blue Bayou Restaurant offers a medley of Creole-inspired cuisine, bringing the rich flavors of New Orleans right to the table. The setting, infused with the melodies of the bayou, invites guests to savor every bite while getting transported to a serene Southern evening.

The Menu

The restaurant’s menu is a symphony of mouth-watering selections:

  • Appetizers: Begin with tantalizing options such as the Blue Bayou House Salad or the flavorful gumbo.
  • Entrees: Dive deep into delicacies such as the signature Surf & Turf, which marries succulent lobster tail with a perfectly cooked filet mignon. Alternatively, the Jambalaya, with its spicy blend of chicken, andouille sausage, and tasso ham, beckons those looking for an authentic Creole experience.
  • Desserts: Finish the meal with sweet delights. The Crème Brûlée and Chocolate Mousse are especially revered by visitors.
  • Beverages: Pair your meal with an assortment of drinks, from mint juleps to an array of wines and beers.

Blue Bayou Restaurant Lunch Menu Blue Bayou Restaurant Dinner Menu


While the Blue Bayou offers an upscale dining experience, its prices reflect the premium nature of its offerings. Appetizers usually range between $10 and $20, while entrées can vary from $30 to $50 or more. Desserts and beverages are priced separately. While it is on the pricier side for theme park fare, the ambiance, food quality, and unique experience justify the cost for many visitors.

Making Reservations

Given its popularity, making reservations at Blue Bayou is highly recommended. Reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance for guests with valid theme park tickets. Walk-up diners may join a waiting list upon arrival, but wait times can be over an hour with no guarantee of being seated. Making a reservation in advance is the best way to secure a table. When booking your reservation, request to be seated waterside for the best experience – these seats overlook the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. You can make reservations online, via the Disneyland app or by calling Disney Dining.

Monte Cristo sandwich with fruit

History of Blue Bayou Restaurant

Opened in 1967 alongside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, the Blue Bayou has been serving guests for decades. Walt Disney, always a pioneer in merging storytelling with real-world experiences, envisioned a restaurant that would transport its guests to another world. The result was Blue Bayou, a place where diners could feel like they were dining al fresco under the stars in the heart of a Louisiana bayou. Over the years, while the menu has seen updates, the core essence of the restaurant remains unchanged, making it a favorite among many Disneyland enthusiasts.


Perhaps one of the most enchanting features of the Blue Bayou is its location. Situated within the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in New Orleans Square, diners can enjoy their meal while watching boats from the ride gently float by. The twilight atmosphere, complete with chirping crickets and distant pirate songs, accentuates the immersive experience.

Blue Bayou Location

Mobile Ordering

Blue Bayou does not support mobile ordering. Due to its upscale nature and the intricacies of its menu, guests are encouraged to make reservations well in advance through the Disneyland app or website. This ensures a seamless dining experience without long waits.

Magic Key Holder Discounts

Disney’s Magic Key holders are eligible for certain discounts at dining locations throughout the park, and Blue Bayou is no exception. Depending on the tier of the Magic Key, holders can enjoy a percentage off their meal, which can make the dining experience a bit more affordable.

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Hours of Operation

Blue Bayou generally aligns its hours with those of Disneyland Park. However, it’s always recommended to check the official Disneyland app or website for the most up-to-date information on operational hours, especially during holidays or special events.

Tips for Dining at Blue Bayou

  • Request a waterside table to see the Pirates of the Caribbean boats float by
  • Arrive 15 minutes early if you have a reservation to check in and order drinks
  • Dress code is casual – no tank tops, swimwear, etc.
  • Bring a light sweater or jacket as it can get chilly in the air conditioning
  • Ask your server for recommendations if you can’t decide what to order
  • Share desserts – they are very rich and large portions
  • Request the Monte Cristo sandwich if dining at lunch
  • Take your time and soak in the sounds, sights, and ambiance of the bayou


Dining at the Blue Bayou is not just about satisfying one’s hunger. It’s an experience that engages all senses, from the tantalizing flavors of Creole cuisine to the soft glow of the lanterns and the distant sounds of the bayou. Guests rave about the unique location and ambiance as much as the cuisine. For those visiting Disneyland, a meal at the Blue Bayou is a memory waiting to be made, a unique blend of culinary excellence and immersive storytelling that only Disney can offer.

Blue Bayou Restaurant Review
The Final Word
The Blue Bayou provides a one-of-a-kind dining experience you won't find anywhere else. From the hanging lanterns to the passing Pirates boats, every detail transports you to dining on a moonlit bayou in 19th century New Orleans. It's a Disneyland tradition no visit is complete without!