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Outdoor tables set for dinner at the Blue Bayou Restaurant at night

Blue Bayou Restaurant Review

Blue Bayou Restaurant

Name: Blue Bayou Restaurant

Rated: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

Location: New Orleans Square

Serves: Lunch and Dinner


Blue Bayou Restaurant: Surround yourself in the essence of New Orleans as overhead strings of colorful balloon lanterns cast an enchanting glow, dotting the darkness where crickets chirp, frogs croak and fireflies wink while providing amazing ambiance like none other.

Our Take:

We’ve been coming here for year and will continue to come here for years to come! From all of the visits we’ve had we can guarantee you 3 things:

  1. Great Food – From classics such as the Monte Cristo Sandwich to the always delicious Flat Iron Steak (our favorite). Don’t miss the chicken gumbo and sweet potato bread!
  2. Great Atmosphere – This is what we really come here for, the ambiance of the bayou as boats float by, headed off on an adventure. Lanterns hang over-head and candle lights flicker over a delicious meal.
  3. Great Service – Nobody does it like Disney! Expect exceptional service from your server from the time your name is called till you walk out. Need something? Anything? Let them know and they’ll get it done for you. This is especially helpful for any group who may have someone with food allergies. They can accommodate!

The Blue Bayou can accommodate small parties of 2 all the way up to parties of 12 or more. Plan to spend about $27 per adult and $15 per child. It can get pricey but it’s totally worth it. Be sure to have your entire party when you check-in. They always ask and if someone is missing they will make you come back when everyone is there. If you have an 11:30am reservations you’re “guaranteed” a water table but we would still suggest you arrive early to ensure this.

Make your reservations at the Blue Bayou Restaurant early! Like 60 days in advance. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve gone up for our reservations and 3/4 of the line is people trying to get in same day only to be turned away. Don’t make that mistake!


  1. You can split a meal with a member of your party. They’ll even bring it out on two plates split up. We would highly recommend this for anyone getting the Monte Cristo Sandwich.
  2. Arrive 30 minutes before your reservation and request a water table if you’d like to sit by the water.

We hope you enjoyed our Blue Bayou Restaurant Review!

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