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#1 Rated CRM For Disney Travel Agents

As a travel agent it’s important to keep up with all your bookings, travel quotes, clients and commissions. CRM, which stand for customer relationship management, is the perfect tool to help you do all of this and more. And while there are a ton of options for CRM’s out there, none are as specific for Disney Travel Agents as Travel+ CRM.

Before we jump into Travel+, we want to let you know that we have searched, tried and compared all the CRM’s out there that would fit the needs of a travel agent. What we found is two-fold:

  1. Most CRM’s offer way more than you would need to manage your travel business.
  2. ALL of them charge way to much for the services you need and don’t need.

So when we came across Travel+ CRM we were really impressed with what it offered and its price point for travel agents.

So if you’re in search for a Disney Travel Agent CRM or even something simple and less expensive, read on as we dive into the highlights of Travel+ CRM, what it offers to agents, pricing point and how it’s useful even if you need to book vacations outside of Disney including Universal Vacations, Major Cruise Lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean and more.

A True Disney Travel Agent CRM

Trust us, it’s rare to come across a CRM that is made specifically for Travel Agents who book Disney. Most CRM’s are very generalized and don’t offer the focus that you would want when it comes to a CRM.

While all agents have clients, send travel quotes, maintain itineraries and track commission, these things for Disney can require a bit more effort than other suppliers.


At the same time, you want something simple that’s easy to use, covers your basic needs and doesn’t make you pay for services you’ll never use.

Travel+ CRM offers all of this and more with constant updates and enhancements as well as on-going support for users.

Our initial reaction to it was, wow, they are up-front about what an agent gets and can do with their CRM. The ones that stood out include:

  • Add and manage clients including existing and new as well as storing basic information and notes about them
  • Send travel quotes for each client by filling in simple fields for your travel type. Fields are auto-filled into professional emails that go directly to the client
  • Collect payments from clients to pay deposits and final payments
  • Change a travel quote into an itinerary once the client has made a payment. This alleviates confusion between what has been confirmed and what hasn’t
  • Manage Itineraries when you need to make updates or changes and send off an updated email to your clients. You can also add notes about each Itinerary including dining reservations, transportation, allergies and more
  • Send multiple travel quotes at one time to the same client
  • Track your commission for each Itinerary so you’re ready to submit after travel

Now these are just the basics of the Travel+ CRM for Disney Travel Agents but as you can see, it covers everything you would need to send and manage travel quotes, itineraries and clients.

The Simplest Travel Agent CRM

Travel+ CRM is very intuitive and extremely easy to use and navigate. If you’re worried about jumping into something online because it will be too complicated, you can put those fears aside. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the travel business, a CRM will drastically improve how you work and take care of your clients.

Email template

Upon joining you’ll get immediate access to a dashboard that displays your current travel quotes and itineraries. This gives you direct access to the two most important things you’ll be accessing on a regular basis. From the dashboard you can select either one of these options to edit or create a new one.

The menu bar gives you access to more detailed pages for travel quotes, itineraries, clients and tutorials.

Under Travel Quotes you’ll be able to VIEW, CREATE or UPDATE a Travel Quote. You can also read about each Quote Template that is offered.

For Itineraries you’ll be able to VIEW, CREATE or UPDATE and Itinerary. Remember that Itineraries are Travel Quotes that have had a payment made on them. You can also add Itineraries of pre-Travel+ CRM bookings to keep track of them.

For Clients you can either VIEW, CREATE or UPDATE a client. This includes all new and existing Clients if you have any pre-Travel+ CRM.

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Agents are also able to add in their Travel Agency information including contact and logo. These items will be auto-filled into Travel Quotes and Itineraries where needed. It allows Clients an easy way to reach out when they have questions for you.

Tutorials are a great resource for agents to learn all about the CRM including how to perform all the basic services in the CRM.

A Travel CRM For Everyone

The Travel+ CRM was built by working travel agents, for working travel agents. This means you’ll get everything you want from a CRM including all the little details that are sometimes overlooked. Travel+ CRM can be used by all travel agents including:

  • Home-Based Agents
  • Host Agency Agents
  • Brick and Mortar Agents
  • Independent Contractors
  • and more

And it doesn’t matter if you don’t book Disney. The Travel+ CRM offers Travel Quotes and Client management for all types of travel suppliers including:

  • Disney Destinations
  • Universal Vacations
  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • VAX Vacations
  • Hotel-Only Vacations
  • Ticket-Only Vacations
  • and more being added all the time

So even if the majority of your travel bookings are based around hotels or all-inclusive vacation packages, this CRM provides you with solutions.

Collect Online Payments Securely As A Travel Agent

Security is number one when it comes to your Clients. Travel+ CRM has implemented several security features to protect your clients basic information and payment info including an upgraded SSL certificate, a sophisticated firewall, ever-changing key-phrases and two-factor authentication.

Dashboard CRM

All of this allows you to safely and securely collect and manage payment information. Only the agent (not even the site admin) can access, see or change the payment key-phrases associated with a Travel Quote or Itinerary. Payment information is automatically deleted after a certain amount of time to ensure that nothing is stored for long periods of time.

All of this allows you to pay your clients deposit, pay over time or pay all at once depending on your needs.

The Best-Priced Travel Agent CRM Available

Hands down you won’t find a CRM that offers more and is also affordable for any Travel Agent, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the business for years.

Travel+ CRM offers two pricing plans for agents:

  • Pay $10 Month-to-Month
  • Pay $99 Annually

Either one of these are great options because the price-point is outstanding. Most Travel CRM’s cost around $30-$40 per month.

We also love that Travel+ CRM offers a 1 month free trial with either plan. This gives you 30 days to try it out for free! No commitment.

Whichever plan you decide one, there are no long-term commitments and you can cancel anytime. Unused months? Receive a pro-rated refund if you do decide to cancel (we don’t think you will though).

Continued Enhancements Coming

CRM’s tend to build out their services and that’s the end of it. Not for Travel+ CRM. They are continually adding new enhancements including:

  • Commission submission from the CRM to your Agency
  • Agent App allowing you to work right from your phone
  • Customer App allowing your Clients to see their Itineraries and contact the agent
  • Fun videos to share with your clients to get them excited for their upcoming vacation
  • Payment reminders for agents so you never miss one

These all come at no cost to you. Travel+ CRM has made it clear that they want to offer the best Travel Agent CRM on the market at the most affordable price. The Travel Agent is the center of attention when it comes to their services.

Making your life easy is their #1 goal.

Start Your Free Travel CRM Trial

Head on over to Travel+ CRM to start your free one month trial and discover why we highly recommend them for Disney Travel Agents and really any Travel Agent out there who needs help managing their agency.

Because we’re confident that you’ll find their CRM useful, we would recommend you select the Annual Plan as this will end up giving you 3 months free (1 month free trial + 2 months free at $99 vs. $120). Still not sure? Join the month-to-month program and if you decide you love it switch to the Annual Plan and get credit for what you’ve already paid.

They make their plans very flexible and easy to join and manage.

Final Thoughts

There’s not much more to say. Travel+ CRM offers everything a Travel Agent would need from a CRM without over-selling or over-paying. Their CRM covers all your basic needs plus all the details that are important.

They’ve made it simple to add existing bookings, send new travel quotes, add clients and manage itineraries and payments.

Security is their highest priority so they’ve implemented several services to keep you and your clients information safe.

Any agent looking for a CRM can use Travel+ including home-based, host agency, independent contractors and more.

Their price-point is had to pass-up. Max you’ll pay $10 a month or $99 annually to save even more. Plus each plan comes with a no-risk 1 month free trial. You can cancel anytime with no contracts.

These make Travel+ CRM the best Disney Travel Agent CRM on the market.