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Guests Can Now Modify Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane Selections

Genie+ just got a whole lot better when it comes to making changes to Lightning Lane selections.

To make it easier to change plans on the go, guests are now able to modify Lightning Lane selections made with Disney Genie+ service, without having to cancel and rebook their selection. Guests can now quickly search for and select other available attractions or arrival windows, helping them maximize their time in the theme parks.

Guests may select the three dots icon on their Lightning Lane selection from the Tip Board or My Day tab of Disney Genie service, and then select “Modify Plan” from the menu that appears.

After selecting “Modify Plan,” Lightning Lane experiences available at the park where the selection was originally made will appear. Guests may adjust their arrival window to a different time that is currently available, or may select a new experience to replace their Lightning Lane selection.

By selecting one of these options, the guest will be able to confirm the change. For guests who want to make a change for specific members of their party, they can adjust the party members prior to confirming the change.

For anyone who remembers the old FastPass+ system, this was one of the highlights of it and a fantastic way to get Lightning Lane selections closer together, helping guests make more of their day in the parks.