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Indiana Jones Attraction Moves To Virtual Queue

After the reopening of Disneyland several weeks ago things are in full swing for the resort. Guests are filling the parks through their new reservation system and more restaurants and hotels are opening back up in the coming weeks. Due to new health and safety guidelines guests are required to wear masks and social distance in the parks, including in attraction queues.

So yesterday, when we discovered that Disney had silently moved Indiana Jones – Temple of the Forbidden Eye to a virtual queue system, we weren’t all the surprised. During our first visit to the parks after reopening we discovered that the queue for this attraction was winding all over the place. From underneath Tarzan’s Treehouse through the Jungle Cruise attraction and then back.

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And it seems like it’s only gotten worse in the weeks following our visit. So Disney has added the attraction to its virtual queue system which allows guests to join a boarding group and return to the attraction when it’s their turn. Currently Disney is using the virtual queue system for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance as well. There are a few difference between the two however.

First, Rise of the Resistance can be booked before the parks open at 7am and doesn’t require guests to be in the parks. The indiana Jones queue does require guests to enter Disneyland Park before joining the queue.

Second, while Rise of the Resistance is always running its virtual queue, Indiana Jones is not. Currently the queue is only running on busier days at the park (based on reservations). If the queue is running, signs are posted near the entrance to the park letting guests know they’ll need to join it if they want to ride. On the days it’s not running, guests may walk up to the attraction and join the queue like normal.

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To join the queue you’ll need to have the Disneyland App installed on your smartphone, tickets linked and park reservations made for Disneyland (or Park Hop over at 2pm).

From the looks of it, Disney will have this virtual queue option for the foreseeable future as summertime is a busy season for them and COVID restrictions are still in place.

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