Jungle Cruise attraction signage

New Jungle Cruise Experience To Open July 16th at Disneyland

If Guests have missed the back side of water, hippos that wiggle their ears and skippers with a pun for every river bend, we have exciting news!

Jungle Cruise will reopen July 16, 2021 at Disneyland park, with an updated experience that welcomes new characters from around the world plus even more of the humor, wildlife and skipper heart that makes this classic attraction a favorite.


Progress continues at both parks as Imagineers build on the original story with new adventures that stay true to the experience Guests know and love. Today Disney revealed a behind-the-scenes look at the work on Trader Sam’s newest venture, which recently dropped in at Disneyland.


True to his reputation as the best merchant in the jungle, Trader Sam has found a way to convert the new Lost & Found location into something more profitable for the Jungle Navigation Company Ltd. The Jungle Cruise appears to be going the route of all the best rides – ending with a gift shop! Take a look above!

True to their reputations, Disney’s world-famous skippers will continue their unique presentations along the river with interactions that guests expect. In this video, Disney Imagineer Kevin Lively takes Guests on a recent trip down the river at Magic Kingdom to share a reminder of some classic Jungle Cruise moments:

As previously shared, the Jungle Cruise enhancements include several new scenes along the river, all interconnected.  Unexpected scenarios along the way will give the jungle and the animals the last laugh!

As a reminder, out-of-state visitors can start going to Disneyland June 15th. Park Pass Reservations and tickets are required for entry. Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park opens June 4th.