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Planning a trip to Legoland can be exciting, but also overwhelming trying to figure out the best time to visit to avoid crowds. This comprehensive guide breaks down everything you need to know for visiting Legoland, including the least busy times, top rides to experience when it’s not crowded, crowd predictions, and other important tips to make the most of your Legoland vacation. This goes for each U.S. Legoland location: California, Florida, and New York.


Least Busy Times

To experience shorter lines and fewer crowds, the best times to visit Legoland are:


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday tend to be less crowded compared to weekends. Many guests plan their trips over the weekend, when kids are out of school and parents are off work. Targeting weekdays allows you to avoid the high weekend crowds.

September and October

Once school is back in session, September and October (minus Columbus Day weekend) tend to be quieter months at Legoland as families avoid pulling kids out of school. The weather is still nice during this timeframe, too.

Winter Months

January and February (except President’s Day weekend) tend to be slower months due to kids being in school and the cooler weather. Legoland does decorate beautifully for the holidays in November and December, so visiting during these months allows you to experience the park while avoiding summer crowds. The New York location closes seasonally around mid-October through late March.

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Best Rides When Not Crowded

When Legoland is less crowded, take advantage by experiencing the most popular rides with shorter wait times:

The Dragon

This indoor/outdoor rollercoaster is one of the best rides Legoland has to offer. Ride while wait times are short!

Technic Coaster

For thrill-seekers, don’t miss this accelerated launch coaster that reaches speeds up to 55 mph.

Lost Kingdom Adventure

Another guest favorite, this interactive dark ride takes you through an ancient temple filled with skeletons and mummies. Use your laser gun to rack up points.

Aquazone Wave Racers

On warm days, race around the lake in these fun water jet skis. Lines tend to be shorter on weekdays and non-summer months.

Kid Power Towers

A fun tower ride that lifts guests up and provides a sudden drop back down. Great for kids and parents.


Crowd Information

To best plan your visit, here is key information on Legoland crowds:

Busiest Times

The peak crowds at Legoland hit during:

  • Spring Break (March and April)
  • Summers (June through early August)
  • Holidays like Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day

Busiest Days

Crowds tend to be higher on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Tuesday through Thursday are the least busy days.

Daily Crowd Flow

Legoland is busiest between 11am–3pm. Arrive early and stay until close to maximize time in low crowds.

Seasonal Events

Legoland hosts great seasonal events around Halloween and Holidays that draw larger attendance. Check the park calendar so you know what events are happening during your trip.

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Tips to Beat the Crowds

If you have to visit Legoland during a busy time, use these tips to make the most of it:

  • Arrive 30 minutes before park open to ride popular attractions first before crowds hit
  • Use Single Rider lines to avoid long standby queues
  • Check wait times on the Legoland app and target rides with lower times
  • See shows and meet & greets while wait times are high
  • Consider booking Legoland VIP Tours that provide front of line access



Tips for the Park

Check Opening Hours and Calendar

Legoland parks have varying opening hours and seasonal closures, so check the official park website for the most up-to-date operating calendar. Many parks close 1-2 days per week during off-peak seasons. Planning around open days will ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Purchase Tickets in Advance

Buy tickets ahead of time online to save money. Look for discounted tickets on sites like Advance tickets also allow you to reserve a date to visit and skip ticket lines.

Book Hotel Early

Legoland hotels fill up quickly, especially in peak seasons. Book your on-site hotel stay 3–6 months in advance for the best rates and availability. The hotels offer fun Lego theming, entertainment, early park access, and more.

Download the App

Use the Legoland app to view park maps, show schedules, wait times, restaurant menus, and more. The app is handy for navigating the parks efficiently.

Check Height Restrictions

Some Legoland rides have height requirements, so confirm your child meets all restrictions to avoid disappointment. Check height info on the park website.

Pack a Change of Clothes

Many water rides and play areas get you wet at Legoland. Pack dry clothes to keep kids comfortable after water fun.

Arrive Early

Arriving 30–60 minutes before opening allows you to hit popular rides first before crowds build. Take advantage of short early morning wait times.

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Planning your trip during less busy times, avoiding peak days and crowds, and using crowds to your advantage will ensure your Legoland vacation is memorable. Use this guide to pick the best dates and times that work for your family. The key is to be flexible and have a game plan when you visit. Have a wonderful trip to Legoland!