Top 10 Boat Rides at Disney World

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Walt Disney World is home to a variety of delightful boat rides that allow guests to experience the magic of the parks from the unique vantage point of the water. From thrilling adventures to more relaxed cruises, there is a boat ride to suit every taste. In this article, we will countdown the top ten boat rides at Walt Disney World based on theming, storytelling, innovation, and overall guest satisfaction.

For each ride, we will share details on its backstory, key features, and why it stands out among the best Disney has to offer. We’ll also include related information like tips, tricks, and fun facts to help you make the most of your time on the water. So, let’s set sail on our tour of the top ten boat rides at Walt Disney World!

10. Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

Located in the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot, this gentle boat ride takes guests on an adventure to track down the missing Donald Duck before his big Three Caballeros concert. The ride floats through scenes representing Mexico’s culture, history, and natural beauty before arriving at a grand fiesta finale. While not the most thrilling attraction, Gran Fiesta Tour offers delightful scenes, catchy music, and a relaxing ride through one of Epcot’s most vibrant pavilions. It’s perfect for taking a quick break on hot afternoons, and little ones will enjoy spotting Donald’s feathered friends along the way.

Did You Know?

  • The Gran Fiesta Tour originally opened in 2007 as El Rio del Tiempo, focusing solely on Mexican culture and history. It was updated in 2017 to feature The Three Caballeros from the classic Disney film.

9. Liberty Square Riverboat

All aboard the Liberty Belle Riverboat for a scenic cruise around Tom Sawyer Island on the Rivers of America! This large sternwheeler paddle boat replica takes guests back in time with its period-appropriate setting, props, and costumes. During the approximately 15-minute, one-mile loop, the riverboat passes by classic Disney frontier scenes and offers unique views of attractions like Splash Mountain and the Haunted Mansion. It’s also a great way to rest your feet and enjoy a light breeze while learning about early American transportation. Just don’t expect any big thrills on this leisurely, family-friendly ride.

Fun Fact:

  • The Liberty Belle Riverboat was temporarily taken out of service from 2018-2020 while the Rivers of America was drained. This allowed for maintenance work and a rerouting of the waterway.

8. Living with the Land

Living with the Land often gets overlooked but offers one of Disney’s most unique ride experiences. This Epcot boat ride takes guests on a tour through experimental greenhouses that showcase innovative agriculture techniques. Along the way, you’ll see a variety of fruits, vegetables, and fish growing with the help of natural elements and creative technology. It’s an eye-opening look at potential future farming solutions.

The ride then continues through additional greenhouses displaying desert and rainforest plant life from around the world. While it lacks conventional Disney theming, Living with the Land is an educational boat ride that fascinates both kids and adults. It also has an important message about protecting resources and producing food in eco-friendly ways.

Pro Tip:

  • Be sure to check the harvest times posted at the entrance so you can see Disney cast members picking fresh vegetables that may end up in restaurants around Epcot!

7. Kali River Rapids

Get ready for a wild whitewater rafting adventure on Kali River Rapids in Disney’s Animal Kingdom! This thrilling boat ride takes guests down a turbulent Chakranadi River through a lush Asian rainforest filled with shrines, animal carvings, and ruins. Along the way, your circular raft spins and tilts past jutting rocks, choppy rapids, geysers, and waterfalls. And there’s a good chance you’ll encounter the big drop at the end that leaves rafters soaked to the bone! So if you want an exciting water ride that makes you feel like you’re shooting Class III rapids, Kali River Rapids is a must.

Insider Tip:

  • Try to ride earlier or later in the day when cooler temperatures make the soaking less miserable. Or bring a poncho!

6. “it’s a small world”

No list of Disney’s best boat rides is complete without this cherished classic attraction. On “it’s a small world”, guests board pastel-colored boats for a delightful 10-minute cruise through regions of the world populated by singing children dolls. It’s quintessential Disney magic. As one of the few attractions Walt Disney personally helped design, “it’s a small world” debuted at the 1964 World’s Fair before moving to Disneyland and later Walt Disney World. Today, it remains a vibrant celebration of global cultures that delights riders of all ages with pure joy and whimsy.

Fun Fact:

  • There are over 300 audio-animatronic children representing countries from every continent except Antarctica in the ride.

Pirates of the Caribbean Sign in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom

5. Pirates of the Caribbean

Ahoy mateys! No boat ride in Disney World offers adventure quite like Pirates of the Caribbean. Guests board vintage pirate ships for a voyage through the golden age of piracy, complete with swashbuckling pirates, treasure hunts, and rowdy pillaging. This iconic Magic Kingdom attraction influenced the popular Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. It transports riders back in time with stunningly detailed sets, epic scenes, sophisticated animatronics, and the catchiest pirate ditty ever written. Five decades after opening, it remains one of Disney’s crown jewel attractions.

Insider Hack:

  • See if you can spot the real human skulls that were incorporated into the original ride!

4. Na’vi River Journey

One of Disney World’s newest and most innovative boat rides can be found on Na’vi River Journey in Pandora – The World of Avatar. This mystical attraction sends riders deep into the bioluminescent rainforest of Pandora on a sacred river passage. The queue sets the tone with alien plants and cultural artifacts before guests board reed boats for an immersive 3D ride experience. Encounter exotic Pandoran creatures through advanced projection technology and come face-to-face with the Na’vi Shaman of Songs who appears to float right above the river. Na‘vi River Journey brings the fantastical world of Avatar to life through groundbreaking visuals and storytelling that make it feel like you’re journeying into an alien land. It expands possibilities for what a Disney boat ride can be.

Did You Know?:

  • The innovative ride system uses magnetic technology to smoothly guide boats, allowing the water to appear unimpeded.

Splash Mountain Attraction

3. Splash Mountain

Hold onto those hats and glasses – this mountain finale is going to get wet! Splash Mountain takes riders on a classic Disney dark ride through scenes inspired by the controversial 1946 film Song of the South before climbing to the top of the mountain and plunging 50 feet down a steep drop into a Briar Patch. It‘s one of Disney World’s most beloved water rides, whisking log boats through whimsical scenes accompanied by catchy tunes like “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah”. The animatronics and sets immerse you in a Deep South bayou full of happy characters, at least temporarily distracting from the looming five-story plunge.

Few Disney rides combine storytelling, thrills, and getting delightfully drenched like Splash Mountain. It’s a rite of passage for every Disney World visitor. We realize Splash Mountain isn’t open anymore, but we’re including it in our list because it’s one of our favorites and will always be a classic! Looking forward to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure this year!

Fun Fact:

  • On very cold days, the water on Splash Mountain gets heated so riders still get soaked!

2. Jungle Cruise

The comedy and adventure of Disney’s Jungle Cruise lands it near the top of our list. Guests board vintage tramp steamers for a 10-minute journey down four major rivers across Africa, Asia, and South America. But it’s the hilarious skippers guiding the tour who make it truly memorable.As one of Walt Disney’s opening day attractions, the Jungle Cruise entertains riders with a combination of corny jokes, cringe-worthy puns, and eye-rolling one-liners perfectly delivered by experienced skippers. And amidst the gags, you’ll encounter animatronic elephants, pythons, gorillas hippos, and even angry natives from a lost jungle tribe.The Jungle Cruise remains a beloved classic because of its humor and charm. It’s quintessential old-school Disney fun that makes for a truly delightful boat ride.

Skipper Tip:

  • Ask to ride up front for the best view and chance to interact with your jokester guide!

Olaf, Elsa and Anna dressed up

1. Frozen Ever After

Claiming the top spot as Walt Disney World’s best boat ride is the wildly popular Frozen Ever After in Epcot’s Norway Pavilion. This innovative dark ride brings the magical world of Arendelle to life with vibrant sets and advanced animatronics.Guests board ancient Norwegian fishing boats for a journey through key scenes from the beloved film Frozen. Glide past ice harvesters, the royal castle, Kristoff and Sven, before arriving at Elsa’s ice palace glistening with magic. The grand finale features Elsa singing the iconic “Let It Go” as she creates a sparkling winter wonderland all around.With catchy music, state-of-the-art technology, and characters kids adore, it’s easy to see why Frozen Ever After has hour-plus standby queues daily. No other Disney ride quite compares to the immersive experience of being part of Frozen.

Insider Tip:

  • Use Genie+ or try riding at park open or close to minimize long waits.

Disney World Castle at night


From thrilling plunges to laugh-filled journeys, Walt Disney World offers exceptional boat rides suited for all ages and interests. With detailed scenes, innovative technology, and Disney’s signature storytelling, these attractions invite guests to embark on magical adventures across the water. So the next time you visit, make sure to explore Disney World from a new perspective and set sail on these ten fantastic boat rides. Just watch out for those drops, rapids, and pirate attacks along the way!