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What Can Babies Ride at California Adventure Park

Guide to What Babies Can Ride at California Adventure Park

Taking children to Disneyland Resort is always so much fun, especially if they can ride some of the bigger attractions such as Indiana Jones or Space Mountain. But what if you’re bringing smaller children? One’s that don’t meet any height requirement. There’s no need to panic! Disneyland is made for everyone to enjoy including parents with small children. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of attractions that babies can go on at California Adventure Park. You can also read our What Can Babies Ride at Disneyland Park for even more attractions.

Keep in mind that the following listed attractions have no height requirements so everyone is eligible to ride. Babies 2 years or younger do not require an admission ticket into the parks.

What can babies ride at Pixar Pier?

Toy Story Midway Mania – Featuring all your favorite Toy Story characters, this midway game lets you shoot some really fun targets as you try and score the most points with over 4 different games! There is some spinning but every person is under a pull-down lap bar. Small children and babies have fun pulling the shooting string even if they aren’t hitting anything!

Jessie’s Critter Carousel – Saddle up for a whimsical spin on Jessie’s favorite critter pals from her wild west adventures! Children can ride on their very own critter as they go around this brand new attraction. Parents are allowed to stand next to their child or ride with them. Every critter has a safety belt to go around the rider.

Pixar Pal-A-Around – Take off on a Ferris wheel ride that’s a whirl of fun, featuring incredible views of Pixar Pier and the rest of California Adventure Park! Each gondola can hold up to 6 people with 2 benches on each side. There are two versions of gondolas, swinging and non-swinging. Smaller babies may enjoy a non-swinging one more as swinging ones can get a little intense.

Inside Out – Emotional Whirlwind – Coming soon to Pixar Pier!

What can babies ride at Paradise Gardens Park?

Golden Zephyr – Soar high in the sky in a gleaming silver spaceship inspired by the science fiction stories of the 1920’s. This attractions is really fun and typically does not have a long line. Adults can sit with babies and each spaceship has safety belts for the riders.

The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure – Journey under the sea for a whimsical musical adventure awash with scenes from the animated Disney classic. Families can sit up to 3 in a clamshell in this very calm attraction. A lap bar comes down for the safety of the riders. There is a small dark part in the ride with Ursula and her minions.

What can babies ride at Hollywood Land?

Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue! – Zip through scenes from the Disney·Pixar film Monsters, Inc.on a wild taxi ride with familiar scare-acters. Families can sit 3 to a row in taxies as they enjoy this slow moving attraction. Each taxi has three rows so 9 people can fit into a taxi. Lap bars come down for safety. There’s aren’t any real scary scenes.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic – Immerse yourself in the wonder of Disney animation and music when you experience this 12-minute, 3D movie starring Donald Duck. This is a sit-down show in 3D in a movie theater-style setting. Babies can sit on parents laps or have their own seat. The theater does get dark inside. Parents can exit out during the show if needed.

Sorcerer’s Workshop – Discover how Disney animators bring some of your favorite characters to life through 2 amazing interactive experiences. Let your babies run around inside this massive workshop where they can draw and find out what Disney character they are most like. This is a great place to take a break inside and let your smaller children run around.

Turtle Talk with Crush – Chat live with Crush, the totally tubular sea turtle from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. This interactive attraction is really fun for smaller children and babies. You’ll sit down in a movie theater-style setting with smaller children being able to sit up front on the ground as they interact with Crush and ask him questions.

Frozen – Live at the Hyperion – Warm yourself in the wondrous magic and music of Frozen in a spectacular stage show inspired by the movie. Sit down in comfy chairs and watch as Frozen comes to life on stage. It’s the perfect attraction for babies to take naps in. If they do get restless you can take them out into the hall. The show runs about 1 hour.

Additional Attractions and Shows

Red Car Trolley – Hop aboard a charming vintage trolley for a scenic ride through Buena Vista Street and Hollywood Land. This is an easy going ride through a few lands that starts at the front of the park and ends at Guardian’s of the Galaxy. Families can enjoy this slow ride through the park and learn some interesting facts and history. Seats can fit 3-4 guests.

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail – Explore, climb, swing and play on a wilderness adventure for the whole family. This area may be the best-kept secret for families with kids at California Adventure Park. Let your kids run around, climb, slide and swing in this massive outdoor park. There are slides, rope nets and bridges, caves to explore, tunnels to walk through, swings, streams and more. Plus several times throughout the day you can catch Chip and Dale strolling along looking for fun. You can also meet Russell and Dug from UP! closer to the front of the park.

World of Color – Disney and Pixar stories soar to life on a vivid veil of mist during this outdoor nighttime spectacular. This show isn’t particularly “great” for babies as the shows start pretty late at night but if they are awake they will definitely enjoy the colors and water. Some scenes can be intense and loud along with some fire scenes.

Beyond the shows and attractions there are other things to see and do in the park that are great of babies. While there may be more to do at Disneyland Park with babies, don’t rule out California Adventure Park.