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Aulani Room Discounts

Get Your Aulani Room Discounts at the Best Price!

We LOVE Aulani and have been travelling to it every year since it opened. We’ve learned a lot about the resort and are here to share some of our insider tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your vacation there. Most importantly, you’ll want to save where you can and we’ll cover Aulani room discounts, credits, and special offers. We keep this posted updated frequently to ensure the best offers and the best advise (last updated July 19th, 2019).

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Special Offers and Promotions

These happen somewhat frequently throughout the year and can help you save hundreds of dollars on your trip. Essentially what happens is Disney offers different ways to save on your room at Aulani through these special offers or promotions. Usually there are certain requirements to meet, mostly pertaining to when you travel.

For example, a current offered used in 2019 was:

This fall, escape to the warmth of Aulani Resort, a one-of-a-kind Disney experience in Hawai’i. And for a limited time, take advantage of this special offer where the longer you stay, the more you save for stays from August 19 through December 21, 2019.
  • Save 30% on stays of 5 or more consecutive nights
  • Save 25% on stays of 4 consecutive nights

No matter how long you stay, you’ll enjoy a magical vacation that includes something for everyone: a complimentary kids club, top-rated entertainment, stunning pools, exhilarating water slides, a relaxing lazy river—and so much more!

This offer is valid for stays August 19 through December 21, 2019.

You can see that savings on your room can add up quite a bit with 30% off on 5 nights or more. I know that each time we book during these special offer times we end up savings several hundred dollars.

Other offers that we’ve seen have included free resort credits based on nights stayed. One in particular that we loved was a meal credit offer that gave each guest listed on the room 1 free meal at the Ulu Cafe each day. This was on top of a room discount that was around 20% if we remember correctly (it’s been a few years since this one).

Basically each person in our room got to choose if they wanted to use their meal credit for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This was a great offer as it saves you money on your room plus food.

Another one that we’re actually using this year is a resort credit per night, per room. Each room is receiving a $50 resort credit per night spent plus 30% off the room price. For us this is saving hundreds of dollars on the room plus we’ll end up getting $300 to spend however we want.

We’re sure you’re catching onto the idea that saving at Aulani is as easy as booking during a promotional offer. Paying rack rate is a waste of money as their promotions basically cover ever season of the year. You can check our trusted booking parner Get Away Today to see what offers are currently happening.

Booking Your Aulani Room Discount

Nobody offers better service, pricing or offers than our friends at Get Away Today. They’ve been selling Disney for over 20 years and have a very close relationship with them. They offer tons of ways to save on your vacation but really what it comes down to is their Best Price Guarantee. This is true peace of mind when it comes to booking an Aulani room.

We get it, you want the lowest possible price for your room (we do to) but you don’t want to spend all your time booking then searching some more, having to cancel and then re-book. With Get Away Today it’s a one and done deal. Book your discounted Aulani Room during special offers and that’s it. You can keep searching after booking for a better price but 99% you won’t find one and if you do they will match it. No cancelling involved.

The other great thing about them is that they will watch for better offers to come around and then apply that to your booking. Let’s say you book in February for a September trip and they are offering 20% off rooms. Then in June they have a new offer that’s 30% off rooms plus a resort credit. All you have to do is call them up and they will apply it to your existing booking. Any difference is refunded straight back to you!

Aulani room discounts are the only way to book your vacation and nobody does it better than Get Away Today.

Their website is easy to use when you’re ready to book your room.

Use these simple steps to complete your booking or to find current pricing:

Visit Get Away Today’s Aulnai Vacations Page. Here they give a brief explanation about the resort and current offers that may be going on. Simply click on the Start Search button at the top to get started.

Aulani Room Discounts

From here you’ll be sent over to their online booking engine which is very simple to use. Scroll down the page until you see the below search bar. Enter in your details for your trip including dates and number of adults and children. You’re given options to include flights or just hotel only.

Getting the right number of guests is super important because Aulani offers services and use of pool areas based on wristbands and the number of guests you list can’t go over the number of allowed guests in your room. Now click Search.

discount aulani rooms

The next page is going to show you your total price. There will be other offers and hotels listed below but Aulani will automatically be highlighted and selected.

cheap aulani rooms

The next page will allow you to select your room type and offers any additional information about the resort including closures or maintenance. It will also tell you what special offer is included and automatically apply the best one.


You’ll also have the opportunity to add on airport transfers if you need them or a rental car. Keep in mind that Disney charges $37 per night for your rental car. It may be less expensive to do airport transfers. Aulani has an on-site car rental station in case you want to wander off property and explore the island for a day.

Now all you need to do is enter in your information for the trip and complete the payment. Your Aulani vacation is now set and you received the Best Price possible on your room! That’s gotta feel good!


What To Do at Aulani

We should really call this, “what can’t you do at Aulani” because there is so much to do! As we’re sure you’ve seen Aulani is a nice beach resort in the Ko Olina Resort area. The beaches were man-made and so are the coves. They allow small vessels to sail out of them but nothing big can come in. The resort itself is surrounded by two other big resorts, The Four Seasons and Marriott Ko Olina. Aulani has two major towers for rooms and a section between them connecting at floors 1-3.

The lobby is amazing and one of the most welcoming from a hotel that we’ve seen. Ponds, waterfalls, open air windows and grand arches are just a few things you’ll see on your way in.

Of course the main draw of Aulani are the pools and slides. We don’t like to use the name waterpark because it isn’t a water park; it’s a Hawaiian Resort with the coolest set of pools and slides ever!

One of the first things we do when we arrive is the lazy river that goes around the slides, pools and hot tubs. It’s nice to just relax after travelling in a tube, with sun and shade and toes in the water.

Of course after a few times around we get ancy to head down our favorite slide, the Volcanic Vertical. This baby is fast and dark! Twists, turns and of course the dunk at the end always has us coming back for more.

Not a fan of dark slides? Head over to Tubestone Curl to enjoy an open-air tube slide for one or two people. Twist and turns will get you screaming, then head right into the Waikolohe Stream.

Want a place to lay out in the shade and read a book? Let the kids play in the pool? The Waikolohe Pool is a zero gravity entry pool made for all ages and is close by lounge chairs for parents to sit a relax while watching their kids.

In the evenings we love to head over to the Grotto pool where you can enjoy a beautiful Hawaiian sunset from this infinity pool. From inside the grotto you can enjoy some sparkling lights and a infinity edge overlooking the ocean. It’s a fantastic place to be!

Now the Aulani pools are amazing but so is the beach and ocean. The resort provides lounge chairs on the beach for its guests with umbrellas for shade. There are rental places for guests to grab a boogie board, paddle board, sand toys and more. The water is always warm and is a great place to go snorkeling in.

Cast Members will come around to take your food and drink orders if you’re hungry or thirsty and there’s even a dole whip stand there too!

If you’ve never been swimming, your Aulani room discounts and stay allows you to go snorkeling in Rainbow Reef! It’s Aulani’s version of the ocean with tropical fish and reef. It’s great for beginners or anyone who doesn’t want to battle the ocean currents. Life jackets and snorkeling gear are provided and one or week long passes can be purchased.

If you do get tired of swimming and the sun you can always enjoy a day at the spa which is open for anyone to enjoy several treatments. Tweens also have their own spa that they can go to if they are looking to escape from their parents for a bit (or the other way around).

If you’re bringing little ones, Aunty’s Beach House offers programs for kids to be dropped off and play games, create and watch shows while the parents are way. This is a free service for anyone who qualifies. We love bringing our Charlie here and she loves staying for several hours playing with all the fun things they have.

Dining Never Ends

And who wants it to?! We’re foodies by nature and enjoy a good meal and a good snack and a really good dessert. The Ulu Cafe is the quick service for the entire resort and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. They do change up their menu so it’s not the same foods each day; and we love them. Our favorite breakfast item are the giant cinnamon rolls. So yummy!

They also offer breakfast items such as bars and cereal with milk. Juices and fresh fruit can also be purchased.

For lunch and dinner they offer several options that we can’t even name because their are a lot throughout their rotation. There are some staples though such as pizza, flatbreads, sandwiches, poke bowls, salads and more.

If you love to drink soda on vacation like us you’ll want to head here to buy your refillable mug. It’s valid for your entire stay and can be refilled as much as you want at several stations throughout the resort.

If you love to dine with characters like Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Chip and Dale and more than you’ll want to make a reservation at Makahiki — The Bounty of the Islands. This amazing buffet offers tons of food to eat for both breakfast and dinner plus you’ll get to meet your favorite characters! Come hungry because this buffet is all you can eat and never ceases to amaze us by the offerings and quality of food.

Looking for a nice sit down restaurant with great food offerings and a great view? ‘AMA‘AMA is the place to be and is our favorite sit down at Aulani. It’s designed to look like a beach house with comfortable dining, open air and views of the ocean. We prefer dinner here at sunset. Be sure to make reservations here when you get your Aulani room discounts as this place can fill up fast.

Some Things We Recommend

  • Passion Colada – Served at most restaurants and bars, this tropical drink is heavenly.
  • KA WA‘A – A Lū‘au at Aulani – Enjoy dinner and a show at Aulani with this amazing lu’au!
  • Dole Whips – Get them by the beach or at the Ulu Cafe. Either way these treats are one of our favorites.
  • Resort Walk – Separating Aulani from the beach, there is a resort sidewalk that goes from the Four Seasons to a small harbour. It’s a fantastic walk for the mornings or evenings.
  • There is a grassy area if you follow this sidewalk to the left of Aulani (if you’re facing the ocean) that’s perfect for family photos and to watch the sunset.
  • Explore beyond the Four Seasons if you dare for some exclusive beaches!
  • There is a small market area within walking distance of Aulani for the Ko Olina Resort area. The ABC store here carries Hawaiian Sun drinks that are so Hawaiian and delicious. We also recommend MonkeyPod pie next door.
  • Costco is nearby if you have a villa with a kitchen and want to do some of your own cooking.


Aulani is a dream resort and one of our favorite Disney Destinations. Getting Aulani Room Discounts is a great way to save for your trip and super easy to get with Get Away Today. Even if you’re just in the market to shop, see how much you can save with them! There’s so much to see and so at Aulani that you really don’t need to leave the resort. Of course, if you want to explore Oahu, Aulani concierges can help you plan getaways for the day.

The shopping, dining and resort activities are all incredible. You’re going to have a blast! Aloha!