Easter at Disneyland 2020

Easter at Disneyland is one of the funnest holidays we can think of to celebrate in Spring! While Disneyland Resort doesn’t typically dress up the resort for Easter, they have and it’s really magical! Guests can enjoy various activities, food items and merchandise to name a few. If you’ve never been during the Easter Holiday Celebration you should! If you’d like to get discounted tickets for this yearly event be sure to visit our trusted partner Get Away Today.


We list this section first because these two things can be major factors for guests who are planning a Disneyland vacation during Easter time. If we’re being up front (which we always try to be) Easter is a really fun time at Disneyland but it’s also a crowded time. There are a lot of factors that go into that we’ll explain below but first, the weather.

April typically has solid weather with temperatures typically in the mid-70’s during the day time and ini the mid 60’s during the evening time. If you get cold easily we would suggest bringing a light jacket with you. There are some days that can get up into the 80’s which means you may need to bust out some shorts and sunscreen. You can read our guide on What To Pack For Disney for more details on what to bring.

As far as crowds go, April is going to be a busy month. We break this down even more in our Disneyland Crowd Calendar which allows you to see the busiest days of the month and more explanation on what to expect during these weeks including events. Basically what it comes down to iis April is Spring Break month for lots and lots of school which makes Disneyland very crowded. We’ve been at Disneyland during March of this year and thus far the parks have been very, very crowded. This is mostly due to some spring breaks and Disney’s special ticket offer which is pushing more people to come before the opening for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. We fully expect April to be very busy this year.


There are several Easter activities that go on at Disneyland including the Egg-stravaganza Egg Hunt that takes place at both parks and Downtown Disney. This springtime tradition is one of our favorite things we look forward to each year. Guests can purchase a map for Disneyland Park, California Adventure Park and Downtown Disney. Along with your map comes stickers with different egg faces on them. Now the hunt begins! Start looking around the parks for hidden eggs that match the stickers you have. They can be on buildings, rooftops, near attractions or in the trees! Keep your eye out and once you spot on you’ll take the corresponding sticker and place it on the map in the area that you found it.

Easter Disneyland

Once you’ve completed your map you can return to any location that sells them and collect your prize! Typically the prize is a collectible egg with a Disney character on it. For every map you turn in you get to choose a different egg. Collect them all and become the egg master!

This activity is great for anyone including families. You can be very casual about it, spotting eggs as you play in the parks or you can go all-out and just hunt for eggs. How you do it is up to you! There is no time restraint other then the overall deadline of turning in your map which is usually later March/April. Keep in mind that the maps and stickers are all limited-supplies so if you want to play be sure to buy first thing!


The most common merchandise that we find during Easter at Disneyland is Mickey plush dolls, which we don’t mind at all since we collect them (like lots of other people do). These plush dolls can be found in almost ay merchandise location including at the entrance of Disneyland Park, Elias and Co. and of course Main Street Emporium. The dolls typically change every year which is what makes them collectible for guests.

Along with the Mickey Dolls guests can usually find shirts, sweaters and toys that all match easter. Usually you can purchase plastic eggs which can be collectible but aren’t the same as the ones you’d find from the egg-stravaganza. You will also find some collectible pins as well if you’re into those. Overall, expect there to be some merchandise but don’t expect there to be a TON of it.


For 2020 there may or may not be some limited-time food offerings. This is mostly due to the fact that Disneyland is already celebrating Star Wars and Magic Happens and the entire park s dressed up for this. However, we won’t rule anything out because they did do some special offerings during Valentines. We would think that they would at least bring in a special churro and maybe a popcorn bucket.

Most dining places are serving special food items for Magic Happens though so they may not want to over-crowd the menus with additional items. We’ll be updating this page as things are announced so be sure to visit frequently for updates.

Speaking of the park being dressed up, there may be a few things here or there that will dress the park up for Easter. If you’re familiar with any of the major holidays you’ll know that Disney typically puts something at the pinnacle of Main Street U.S.A. in Town Square. During Halloween it’s a massive pumpkin. During the Holidays it’s a massive Christmas Tree.

So for Easter there may be a massive Egg there for guests to take their pictures in front of. During Valentines they had a big heart which we had never seen before but it was nice way to celebrate it. We wouldn’t be surprised if they did the same thing for Easter at Disneyland.


  • Expect the weather too be nice buut alwaus check it before your trip to make sure.
  • The crowds are going to be big in 2020 so be prepared for that with MaxPass
  • Be sure to take advantage of the Spring Special Offer Ticket that can save you up to $111 per ticket.
  • There is Easter merchandize for a limited-time including collectible Mickey and Minnie Plush Dolls.
  • This year there may or may not be some special food items. Check back with us.
  • We’re hoping they will dress the park up for some special photo opportunities on Main Street U.S.A.

If you found this guide helpful you may want to check out our full 2020 Disneyland Planning Guide for the entire year. We also have a complete guide on how to save on your Disneyland Resort Tickets that’s chock full of savings! Most of all, thanks for reading and we hope you have a magical vacation!