Disney Genie With Walt Disney World Mobile Wait Time Screens

Genie+ Update To Expedite Modifications For Lightning Lane Reservations

Genie+ will be receiving an update soon that will help guests make changes to existing Lightning Lane selections without having to cancel and rebook.

The new update will allow guests to modify an already made Lightning Lane selection by searching for different return times or even a different attraction. Currently guests have to cancel an existing Lighting Lane selection in order to choose a new time or attraction. This process takes time and leaves the guest in a position to potentially lose a reservation if the one they are trying to replace it with disappears during the process.

Now guests will be able to edit reservations without worrying about losing it if they are unable to complete the change. It’s also a great way for guests to move up their return times for Lightning Lane Reservations if an earlier one becomes available. This could potentially help guests get more done during the day, allowing them to put their reservations closer together instead of spread out.

The update will be made to the My Disney Experience app for Walt Disney World and the Disneyland app for Disneyland Resort. It’s expected to happen within the next few weeks.