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Mice Cause Disneyland Store To Close For A Week

Normally mice running around the streets of Disneyland is a celebrated occasion, but this past week Disneyland had a more sinister type of mice visiting the park. Recent reports from the Orange County Health Care Agency have confirmed rumors about a popular retail location that was shut down for a week.

The reports state that signs of a possible rodent infestation had been found during the yearly inspection. While it was not a food serving location that was affected, the store still had to close down due to food items being sold there. Of course Disneyland is on top of their game to provide the park’s guests with the cleanest possible experience, so they promptly shut down the store and were able to open back up and begin serving guests within one week.

This just goes to show, no matter what kind of species or size you are, no one enters Disneyland without a ticket!

But don’t fear, this rodent issue is not a common occurrence at the parks. Not only are the janitorial staff top notch at their job, but there is one specific protection that the park has against the mice infiltrating every corner: Cats. Yes, a society of cats thrive in the backstage areas of Disneyland.

They are fed by many of the 3rd shift workers and live out their lives at the Happiest Place on Earth. This started way back in 1970 when ‘The Artistocats’ premiered at Disneyland. For this occasion, they let out a hoard of cats and were never able to capture them all. Ever since, generations of cats have lived among us, quietly sharing the park with us and doing one of the park’s more important (and ironic) jobs: protecting us from mice.