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Tomorrowland Moves to New Fastpass Machines

It’s a first of its kind and I have to admit I like it. At Tomorrowland in Disneyland Park guests will no longer find Fastpass machines for Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters it Space Mountain where they used to. New machines have replaced all 3 Fastpass locations and combined them into 1 machine that allows…
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Spaceship Earth

A Crash Course on Disney’s Fastpass and MaxPass

Learn all about Fastpass and MaxPass A Disney vacation is a huge event for many people. Some people have been planning their dream trip to Disneyland since they were children themselves, and others want to make sure their kids have the best time possible. But when 50,000 people are trying to live the exact same…
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Walt Disney World® Hotels

New Update To Fastpass at Disneyland

Since last week Disneyland has been testing their updated Fastpass system available at all Fastpass enabled attractions. The new system gets rid of paper tickets to show your Fastpass time and prove entrance into the Fastpass line. Upon receiving your Fastpass at the Fastpass machines it now goes onto your ticket or annual pass which…
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Fastpass: Use it or wait in line like everyone else

Fastpass is such a vital part of Disneyland trips now with higher and higher crowds each year. If you think you can just go stand in line and not worry about it you’re really costing yourself some valuable time. If you know how Fastpass works already, great! Keep using it and use all that extra…
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