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Disney World To Announce Opening Date May 27th

Last week Universal Studios Orlando successfully submitted a reopening plan to the Florida Task Force in charge of approving them. They will reopen June 5th.

Now the Walt Disney World Resort will be submitting their reopening plan May 27th which must include a reopening date as well. The task force is expected to review their plan at 10am EST. You can watch the meeting live here.

If approved, Disney World could be open as soon as mid-June, though July 1st is the more probable date. Disney has been allowing guests to make bookings from July 1st and on for the past several weeks.

Reopening plans must include a reopen date as well as ways to protect guests and employees. Most theme parks plans have included masks for both guest and employee, gloves and temperature checks for employees and sanitization stands throughout the parks.

Currently Disney Springs is running at a limited-capacity and will open Disney-owned shops this week. The theme parks are expected to run at 30-40% capacity upon reopening and possibly require advanced reservations.

Attractions may also run at a limited capacity as guests are spaced out both in line and on the attraction vehicles themselves. Certain entertainment including shows and parades may not run during this time.

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