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Stroller Rental at Disneyland – Tips for Using a Stroller for Disney

With all the walking to different attractions – as well as between Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney and your hotel – you can cover a lot of ground during a Disney vacation. Sometimes up to 20,000 steps or more! In other words, for those traveling with young children at Disneyland, strollers are an absolute must. 

If you need a stroller for Disney, you have a few different choices when arranging your kiddo’s magic carpet ride through the parks. From third-party and on-site stroller rental at Disneyland to bringing your own, there’s a solution to suit everyone. 

Read on as we break down your options and leave you with some helpful tips for using a stroller at Disneyland. 

Strollers at Disney 101

First things first: For those wondering, “Should I bring a stroller to Disneyland?”, the answer is emphatically yes. You’ll do so much walking around the parks that it’s easy for little feet and legs to tire out quickly. So, if you don’t want to be forced to return to your car or hotel room early on account of some frustrated, worn-out little ones, you definitely need to arrange for a stroller at Disney. 

In fact, we don’t just recommend bringing a stroller to those with small children. We suggest you consider bringing some wheels along for older kids, too, just in case they get tired and crabby along the way during your day. Heck, by the end of the night, you’ll probably be wishing it was you getting carted around.

Ready to coast through your family vacation with a stroller at Disney? There are a few things you need to know first about using these kiddie cruisers at Disneyland and California Adventure. (Want to rent a stroller at Disney World instead? Click here.)

Can you take a stroller into Disneyland? 

Of course! Disney tries to make traveling to the theme parks as simple and convenient as possible for all guests, especially those with small children. However, if you don’t come prepared, you’ll almost certainly end up with a cranky kid and way too much stuff to carry. 

Fortunately, strollers are welcome throughout most of Disneyland, with guests being able to bring their own, rent one either directly through Disney or from an outside company or even buy one from one of the park’s merchandise locations. Each option has its own pros and cons, which we’ll discuss in a bit. 

What are the stroller restrictions at Disneyland?

Whether you choose to rent a stroller at Disneyland or bring your own, there are some exceptions for what kind and size strollers are allowed, where they can go,  and how they can be used. Disney stroller dimensions and restrictions for both personal and rented strollers include:

  • Strollers must be smaller than 31″ (79 cm) x 52″ (132 cm). Double strollers are permitted; however, they must fit within the sizing guidelines. 
  • Stroller wagons are not allowed. 
  • While strollers can be used on elevators and ramps (available at certain locations), they aren’t permitted on escalators. Additionally, unless your stroller is functioning as a wheelchair for your child with special needs, strollers also aren’t allowed in attraction or queue lines.
  • Strollers rented directly through Disney may be used throughout Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park and Downtown Disney. However, they may not be taken into Disneyland Resort hotels or onto buses or parking lot trams.
  • Children aren’t allowed in strollers while on the parking lot tram. 
  • Your stroller may be moved to a new location by a Disney Cast Member to accommodate operational needs and traffic flow. 
  • While strollers are great for carrying around lots of items along with a kid or two, you shouldn’t leave your personal belongings behind in the stroller unattended. 

Why are stroller wagons not allowed at Disney?

While stroller wagons haven’t been permitted at Disneyland for quite some time, the rule generally wasn’t enforced. That all changed as of May 2019, when Disney said they would start cracking down on stroller wagons to improve crowd flow and ease congestion. 

How to Cruise Through Vacation With a Stroller Rental at Disneyland

To rent or not to rent a stroller at Disneyland. That is the question. And if you are going to rent a stroller for Disney, where should you rent one from? 

In general, you have two different options for renting a stroller for Disney: either from a third-party company or directly from Disney. Both have their upsides and downsides, so keep reading to see which is best for you. 

Third-Party Disneyland Stroller Rentals

Whether you’re flying from the other side of the country or simply don’t want to cram your stroller in your car with the rest of your luggage, sometimes the easiest method for chauffeuring your children around the parks is a Disneyland stroller rental. 

With drop-off and pick-up from your hotel (available at most hotels within a three- to four-mile radius around Disneyland, as well as further out from Disney depending on the company), off-site stroller rentals at Disneyland are incredibly convenient. In fact, ScooterBug, Disney’s preferred stroller provider, doesn’t even require you to be present for the exchange. Plus, as most third-party-provided strollers tend to be the same name-brand, high-end strollers that you usually use back at home, they’re even easier to navigate through the crowds.

Off-site rental companies are also a great option because, unlike Disney rental strollers, third-party strollers can be taken both inside and outside the parks, including back to your hotel room, out to eat or anywhere else you want to go. So, while hordes of other parents will need to return their Disney-owned strollers before they leave the parks, waking up their exhausted kid in the process, you’ll be well on your way back to your room – with your little one resting peacefully (fingers crossed) all the way. 

You’ll find an array of options for off-site, third-party stroller rental near Disneyland with just a quick Google search. However, Disney’s preferred provider for strollers and other mobility solutions like wheelchairs and ECVs, is ScooterBug. Disneyland stroller rentals from ScooterBug start at $13 per day for a single stroller, $18 per day for a double stroller or $40 per day for an adaptive stroller (all with a two-day rental). 

Unfortunately, ScooterBug doesn’t rent other baby equipment you may need on vacation, like cribs or highchairs. So, should you want a pack ‘n’ play for your trip, you’re better off using another off-site rental company like City Stroller Rentals or BabyQuip, an insured rental company similar to Airbnb for baby gear. City Stroller Rentals even offers a Covid-compliant cleaning serving for those traveling with their personal stroller, with a rental provided in the meantime while yours is sanitized. 


  • Don’t need to fly with your stroller or pack it in your already full car
  • Convenient drop-off and pick-up process
  • Able to take with you back to your hotel or elsewhere not at Disneyland
  • Typically high-end strollers you already use at home
  • Cheaper than Disney’s rentals, especially for double strollers
  • Some companies also rent other baby gear like cribs, highchairs and more
  • Great for infants, toddlers and preschoolers alike


  • Disney Park stroller rental may not be in your travel budget
  • May need to meet the rental vendor in-person
  • Requires a reservation ahead of time

On-Site Stroller Rental at Disneyland

Of course, as the guest service gurus they are, you can also count on Disney to offer their own stroller rentals right there at the Disneyland California. Stroller rental is available at two different locations around the Anaheim resort: inside the Pixar Pals Parking garage and near the main entrance to Disneyland Park next to the Kennel.  

Currently, Disneyland stroller rental 2021/2022 prices are $18 per day for a single stroller and $36 per day for a double stroller. Multi-day rentals are also available at a discounted daily rate. 

Unfortunately, although you can park hop with your Disney stroller rental and bring it to Downtown Disney to the outskirts of the security checkpoints, you cannot take it back to your hotel. In other words, you’ll need to return your rented wheels before you leave the resort for your room, potentially waking up your grouchy, passed-out progeny in the process. 

Unlike the brand-name strollers offered by third-party providers, stroller rentals at Disneyland look like Mickey- and Minnie-inspired jogging strollers with red, plastic seats, yellow wheels (just like Mickey’s shoes!) and pictures of their mice muses on the sides. Disney double stroller rentals are similarly designed and feature the same hard-plastic construction as the single strollers. 

Remember that as the strollers are made of hard plastic, neither option can recline, making them a better choice for toddlers and preschoolers. For those visiting with a bigger preschooler, consider sizing up to a Disneyland double stroller rental to give them plenty of space to sprawl. 

Having said all that, these are a great option for those that didn’t arrange an off-site rental stroller ahead of time or parents who realize they need a stroller partway through their day. 


  • Don’t need to drag your own stroller with you on the plane or in the car
  • Easy to pick up and drop off at the park, no reservation necessary
  • Better for toddlers and preschoolers 


  • More expensive than a third-party stroller rental
  • Plastic seat doesn’t allow reclining, may not be comfortable for long periods of time
  • Not suitable for infants
  • Can’t take with you back to your hotel room or elsewhere outside the parks
  • Particularly pricey for those requiring a double stroller

Bring Your Own Stroller to Disneyland Instead

0f course, if you’d rather not rent a stroller for Disney, you can always bring your own. If you don’t mind schlepping it along on your flight or you have enough space in your vehicle, bringing your own stroller to Disneyland is great. 

Not only is it a comfy and familiar place for your kiddo to retreat to throughout the day, but it’s also easier for you to spot your own set of wheels quickly in those crowded stroller parking lots. Plus, you’re not confined to certain areas like you are with stroller rentals at Disneyland, making it an excellent option for those planning to travel more around the Los Angeles area. 

Best of all, you’ll even be able to save some cash. Even if you’re flying to Disneyland, since strollers aren’t considered as standard baggage, they can be checked for free at the ticket counter, gate or when you unload curbside. 

Just remember that, aside from getting it there, bringing your own stroller to Disney does have its challenges. They can be a downright pain to deal with on the buses and parking trams (once they come back anyway) since your kids will need to get out and your stroller be folded up to be allowed on. The only exception is those with wheelchair tags, who only need to remove their little one from the stroller, not fold it up entirely. Or, skip the tram and unloading process altogether and use the pedestrian ramps to walk to Downtown Disney first, then make your way to the parks. 


  • Free!
  • Familiar, comfortable and easy-to-recognize
  • Can take it anywhere (besides the queues)


  • Can be annoying to lug on a flight or stuff into your luggage-laden car
  • Ditto for when getting on a bus or parking tram
  • Stroller must be completely unloaded for the security check when entering the park

What kind of stroller can I take to Disneyland?

As we mentioned earlier, strollers must be larger than 31″ (79 cm) x 52″ (132 cm), and stroller wagons won’t be allowed in the parks. For a list of approved and banned strollers, click here.

How strict is Disney with strollers?

Before May 2019, Disney wasn’t as picky about the strollers that rolled through the gates. Now, however, strollers must fit the guidelines to enter. There’s even a box on the ground with the allowable dimensions for parents to test theirs out in. 

Tips for Using Your Stroller for Disney

Follow these simple tips to make using a stroller at Disneyland a magical addition to your vacation.

  • Keep your receipt with you to make getting a replacement easy. (Disney rental strollers only!) Flashing your receipt will snag you a hassle-free replacement if you lose yours or need one the next day, so carry yours with you instead of stashing it in the stroller.
  • Consider buying a stroller at Disneyland. Need a last-minute stroller you can take with you when you go? Available at some of the shops on property, these small strollers are best for young guests that weigh 50 pounds or less and can often be cheaper than renting. 
  • Secure or decorate your stroller at Disneyland so you don’t lose it. It will be easier to pick out of the sea of strollers. A balloon makes for the perfect beacon. 
  • Park your stroller in designated parking areas only. Or else risk having to track it down later when it gets moved. This brings us to our next point… 
  • Remember that cast members can and will move your stroller as necessary. Don’t panic if you get off a ride and your stroller isn’t where you left it. A cast member may have moved it somewhere nearby to accommodate operational needs. 
  • Consider parking your stroller and leaving it while you explore for a bit. It makes it easier to discover an area freely or avoid crowds following the fireworks.  
  • Use the stroller as both a shopping cart and an escape, but don’t leave it unattended. Not only is it a convenient place to stash your stuff, but with a clip-on fan and some toys, also a cozy retreat for your little one. However, bring all non-replaceable items with you to avoid tempting sticky fingers. 
  • Bring wipes to keep the stroller and grubby hands clean. Because Covid-19.  
  • Don’t be *that person* when navigating through crowds. Follow the flow of traffic, keep an eye out for others (ankles) and be kind to your fellow stroller-wrangling guests. 

Have you used a stroller at Disneyland? Did you rent, bring your own or buy? Let us know in the comments! Then, learn how to get the most out of your day with our 1-Day Disneyland Park Plan. Trying to save some cash instead? Don’t miss our discount Disneyland tickets.