Bridge, Water, and View of Paradise Pier with Mickey Mouse Ferris Wheel

The Best Photo Ops at Disney Parks

One of the best parts about visiting Disney is the mementos that you take home with you afterward. Arguably the best souvenirs are the photos. The perfect picture of you and your group, happy and enjoying an amazing experience together, to be framed, used as a profile photo, and to share with your friends and loved ones.

Taking photos can end up on the back burner while you’re on your Disney vacation, because you may find yourself so focused on the experience itself that you forget to take them. Don’t let this happen to you!

Use our list here of Disney’s top photo ops and our very best tips and tricks for how to get the best pictures at the Most Magical Place on Earth and the Happiest Place on Earth.

Best Disney World Photo Ops

Magic Kingdom Photo Ops

New Disney Park Guidelines

This one is the most obvious. Who could resist a photo with those recognizable spires behind them? The best part about this photo op is that there is no bad angle. No matter where you’re standing, the castle will make a stunning backdrop. Try a photo from the upstairs balcony of the Pinocchio Village Haus. Or, go traditional and take one from straight ahead on Main Street U.S.A.

  • Tom Sawyer Island

In Frontierland around sunset is the perfect time to take a picture with Tom Sawyer Island behind you. Make sure you get the mill and the riverboat, and you’ll look like you’re out visiting Tom Sawyer.

  • Gaston’s Tavern and Fountain

Gaston’s Tavern is the perfect provincial backdrop for the Disney lover. Make sure you get Gaston himself, immortalized in the form of a bronzed tavern. This is a great photo in the colors of the early evening.

  • Rapunzel’s Tower

The beauty of this structure is that it’s sweet and simple, and was created to look realistic from a distance. This charming little tower rising up behind you is a great mid-day photo, set against a bright blue sky.

  • Brer Rabbit at Splash Mountain

This spacious area allows you to move around as much as you’d like to get the perfect image of Splash Mountain behind you. You also can stand far enough away that you won’t get drenched as the ride runs! Try and snap this pic in the heat of the day. Right before the bridge offers the best angle.

Animal Kingdom Photo Ops

  • The Tree of Life

This photo op will present itself right as you enter Animal Kingdom. This is an official photo pass area. You can choose to set your camera up yourself or ask the photographer to take a photo of you and your group using your camera.

The path behind the tree will take you to the spot with the best close-up shots of the animals that are on the tree.

  • The Moss Wall

This is a photo that has flooded Instagram, offering unique selfies and group photos alike. Found in Pandora: World of Avatar, the Moss Wall is lined with thick green moss and purple and blue flowers.

Make sure your picture includes the flowers or it might just seem as if you’re standing in front of any old wall. Be aware that there is a line here at times.

  • Overlooking Expedition Everest

The roller coaster Expedition Everest makes for an excellent background. If you head to the Siamang exhibit, you will find a black telescope against a fence. From here, you can fit the entire roller coaster in the background of your photo, and you’ll also be able to capture the Rivers of Light stadium and the lake. 

Epcot Photo Ops

Epcot Spaceship Earth

This photo opportunity is unmistakable, and your friends and families will know exactly where you were with Spaceship Earth in the background. The sphere means that there’s no wrong angle for this photo. Take it during the day, or take it at night, it’ll look great either way.

  • Journey Into Imagination Building

The Journey Into Imagination building is a futuristic stunner. Be sure to get the monorail in the frame and enjoy the bright colors added by the flowers and gardens located around the glass pyramids. On a bright day, the glass will reflect the beautiful Florida weather.

  • The World Showcase: Mexico

The World Showcase offers a ton of awe-inspiring backgrounds perfect for a photo, but Mexico is one of the best. Line yourself a bit off-center in front of the Aztec pyramid for a beautiful shot. This photo is best taken when the flowers on the trees are in full bloom, adding an extra element to the shot.

Hollywood Studios Photo Ops

  • Gertie the Dinosaur

Adorable Gertie at Echo Lake is a fantastic photo opportunity that will be great at any time of year. If you’re visiting at Christmas, the extra special decorations make a fun addition.

  • The Pixar Ball

This is a relatively new addition found in Toy Story Land. Instantly recognizable and bright, this is a great shot, especially for the Toy Story lovers.

  • Tower of Terror

Hollywood Tower Hotel

The Hollywood Tower Hotel, or the Tower of Terror, is one of the defining features of the Hollywood Studios skyline. This shot works great from nearly any angle, and if you take it at night you’ll be adding an extra splash of fright. 

Best Disneyland Photo Ops 

  • Floral Mickey Entrance

This may be Disneyland’s most popular photo spot, meaning that there may be a line to take your photo. The seasonal plants and flowers make a beautiful image tied with the Disneyland sign.

  • Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

What’s a trip to a Disney park without a princess castle photo? Found almost dead center in the park, angle yourself to one of the castle’s sides to get the best view of this beautiful castle.

Amidst years of changes, additions, and subtractions of the buildings and offerings, the Pixar Pier still offers the same iconic skyline. Head to Paradise Park by Paradise Bay to get the background just right.

  • Disneyland Railroad

This spot has a few different options to choose from. You can ask a cast member to get your photo standing on the side of the Red Car Trolley, or of your group waving from inside the car. A photo looking head-on at the train is also eye-grabbing.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon

This is a must for Star Wars fans! With a built to scale Millenium Falcon, what background could be cooler? Any angle here works.

New: Private Photoshoots Now Available at Magic Kingdom

One exciting new addition to Magic Kingdom is the opportunity to have a private photoshoot done. Photographers working with Disney PhotoPass will capture you and your group with the perfect background, or candid photos of you having an excellent time.

These photoshoots can be a great choice for those celebrating something special. This program, called “Capture Your Moment”, allows you to hire a photographer who will work with you to create a customized photo session during Magic Kingdom’s operating hours.

Have you and your family’s picture taken in front of the iconic Cinderella Castle, or choose among their other approved locations. Celebrate a birthday, engagement, or anniversary with a beautiful set of photos.

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